I hate my new mortgage company.

Loathe and despise them.

If it were possible to beat a corporate entity with a bat I would beat my old mortgage company until they were tiny tiny pieces for selling off my loan to these people.

I’ve been with my old loan company for the entire life of the loan. We didn’t get the orignal loan with them but the bank who processed the loan sold it off before we ever made a payment and so we have never dealt with anyone else.  We made all our payments to them. We did all our refis with them.

I thought we had something special.

But no, 6 months ago they callously tossed us aside.

After 16 YEARS!

These new people suck. And the internet agrees with me. I’d link up to all the reviews and class action suits regarding this company but I don’t want traffic from other potential disgruntled customers.

So after 6 months of having to call twice a month, every month to make sure our bi weekly payment is applied to the right month the right way, which old company did without a hitch for years, we decided to just suck it up and refinance with someone else to get away from this company.

To refinance a loan with a different company you have to have an appraisal.

You remember why the word appraisal scares me?


So I have that to look forward to at some point.

Before then though we have to go through the financial paperwork gathering and approving stage.

They asked for some stuff about the terms of my existing loan that required me to dig out stuff from our last refi.

Only I couldn’t find it.

We did a refi back in 2006-08 sometime but all I had was the 2000 & 03 refis and I sent the loan guy an email about it and figured at worst I can do a screen capture of my account from the mortgage company’s website of the info. We don’t get paper bills so I had nothing to scan or fax.  While I am cropping the screen capture something about it rang a tiny note in the back of my brain but the TV was on louder so I sent the screen shot without really hearing the note.

Then I went in the kitchen and the tiny note got louder.

date…something to do with a date…   2033.. so what?

I had to go back and look at the image for a bit before the note was loud enough for me to hear.

Wouldn’t a 30 year loan that was refinanced in 2007 end in 2037?

I had to call DH and ask him if he remembered refinancing in 2007 or so and he could only say ‘I remember there was much talk about it but I don’t remember the outcome’. 

Which means the last time we refi’d was the one in 2003. 10 freaking years ago.

Because of the appraisal issue.

But I really really don’t like the new mortgage company.

So dug out the paperwork and scanned a copy to the loan officer and said ‘sorry I got the dates wrong’.

I got an email back this morning asking for a letter of explanation about bits & pieces of things like my sporadic employment history over the past 12 years. One of those things was an explanation about how I said I had refi’d in 2007 but actually hadn’t.

I’m trying really hard not to write “Look, you should never believe a word I say without proper documentation. I don’t even remember what I had for supper Tuesday so you really can’t expect me to properly remember something that may or may not have happened 5-7 years ago.”

And we’re going on vacation for a week right in the middle of the document gathering process.

I’m hoping, really really hoping, that 10 years makes a positive difference. That the underwriter says nothing more than “oh, interesting house!” before approving the loan. I believe 10 years ago we had to submit structural plans before we were approved and who knows where those things have gotten to.

Of course I also believe I refi’d 6 years so you really can’t trust anything I say.

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