Month in Numbers

There were some big numbers this month.

First it was our 20th anniversary! We went to a 5 star restaurant to celebrate! We had 6 courses.

Including the dessert which was called the 7 Deadly Sins

2013-11-25 20.42.23

(You can’t really make it out but the pasta ribbon thing was white chocolate and says Happy Anniversary on it.)

And of course it was the 50th Anniversary of Dr Who! I started watching the Doctor sometime in the mid 1970’s on Saturday nights on our local public television station. The first episode I ever saw was Planet of the Spiders where Jon Pertwee regenerates into Tom Baker. I was watching this in an information vacuum. No one I knew watched this show. It was just something random on one night when my parents were out with friends. I had no flipping idea what was going on with the distinguished looking gentleman in the frilly shirt & the monks & clairvoyants and some other planet. It was decidedly strange. And then the distinguished looking guy became someone else entirely and the show ended.

What the heck was that? What was going on? Who was that guy? Does he always become someone else? Did he always go to other planets? What’s with the telephone booth? What is with the British and their incomprehensible tv shows anyway? (I’d watched Monty Python before and didn’t understand most of it. I was about 9 or 10 at the time)

The following week I watched the show again and was mildly disappointed the guy with big teeth and curly hair didn’t become someone else. I thought that might be the point, but apparently not. Then after a few weeks, once I got used to the idea this new guy was going to stick around, the station went back to Jon Petwee episodes only now the brunette reporter woman he traveled with was a BLOND scientist! What the hell Dr Who???

Which is why I never really get even mildly angsty about new Doctors or companions. My very first Doctor experience was that they changed, so while I like the various people who come and go on the show (loved Donna!), I never get too attached to them. I sort of expect them to leave me; it’s what they do, and I just enjoy it while it lasts. A part of me is always expecting this to be the episode where someone leaves, or dies or regenerates and while they are sad endings I am always interested in the new beginning. I love Matt Smith’s Doctor and will miss him but I am looking forward to seeing what Peter Capaldi makes of him & can’t quite work myself up to be negative about the change.

This month was also Havoc’s big race. He’s been doing running club for 2 months and their final activity was a 2 mile cross country race at the sports park.

2013-11-21 16.27.29

He came in 5th!.

We went out to eat or had take out 6 times this month.

3 people had their teeth cleaned and 1 person had 2 cavities!

6 of us celebrated Thanksgiving together, where we played our 3rd game of Mexican train for the month.

2013-11-02 21.25.08

We’ve also made 2 batches of fudge for the Family Food Project. More on that later.

How was your month?

Deb at Notes on Paper hosts a round up of everyone’s Months in Numbers.

She set us two communal count items this month. The first the date of your first Christmas card of the season.  I still haven’t received any. This is no doubt the end result of my policy the last several years of not mailing any cards out.  I really sort of suck at getting things mailed so I just gave up 3-4 years ago. We’ll probably get a few over the next couple weeks but for me Christmas cards are something out of the past that never happen anymore.  The second thing was how many items did you write on a Christmas list to buy for someone else and for someone else to buy for you? I had a list of 12 items and I have bought 9. The final 3 will be bought Xmas eve because they are kindle books and I want them to be on their kindles Xmas morning.  I have 1 item on a list for me and I’m still trying to think of more.

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7 comments to Month in Numbers

  • dogmatix

    I totally agree with the non angsty feeling of changing Doctors. While it is always sad (and no doubt I will provide the family with giggles when I inevitably cry on Xmas day when Matt regenerates) I look forward to seeing a different take on the same man. Its what makes the programme so great in my eyes ;-D.
    Congrats to Havoc on his 5th place and hope u enjoyed ur anniversary x

  • Helena C

    your dessert looks divine. I’ve been catching up on ‘modern’ Dr Who over the past few weeks with some marathon viewing thanks to the space channel available in my hotel room. I really like Matt and think Peter C will also be great and very different.

  • Wow that dessert looks amazing!
    Well done to Havoc, he looks like he’s loving the running.

  • That’s a great celebratory round up!

    I think Jon pertwee is the scariest Doctor by far. He’ll always be my favourite

  • Thanks for joining me once again with your facts + figures.

    Havoc looks suitably pleased with himself in that lovely photo – cross-country running was one of my favourite sport activities at school – everyone else seemed to hate it, but if given the option of running or playing a team sport … I’d take running any day!

    I do love Peter Capaldi but I’m definitely not looking forward to Matt Smith going – it’s because I’m not so much a ‘Dr.Who’ fan as a ‘Matt Smith as the Dr.’ fan. Not sure how that’ll work when he’s gone!

    You’re on the board now:

    Happy December to you and yours Stacey.

    Julie :-)

  • Dr Who is a mystery to us Brits as well! Tom Baker is the doctor I remember from childhood and I have to confess to not watching these latest series. I can’t believe all the fuss and hype there has been … but I did learn a fact that might be useful in a pub quiz: Dr Who first aired (in the UK) the day after JFK was shot.

  • Interesting numbers – I’ve watched Dr Who over the years but haven’t in ages. Keep thinking I should try it again and may do. That’s a great shot of a very proud looking Havoc :)