Family Fudge Challenge

We decided to spend the winter looking for the perfect fudge recipe. DH is the fudge loving guy but it seemed unfair to put the whole burden on him, especially when that is likely to lead to less fudge due to time constraints. So we are all making fudge.

Havoc was first up with his recipe


2013-11-24 15.31.34


He and Mayhem chose different recipes, but both using marshmallows rather than the trickier corn syrup and a candy thermometer.

Havoc’s was tasty but he decided his was too soft and will be making it again with fewer marshmallows.

A couple weeks later Mayhem had a turn.



His was mint. He too found his rather more creamy than he was hoping for and he & I both think think the mint is too strong. DH & Havoc think the mint is fine, but this is Mayhem’s fudge so he gets final say.

Last DH made his fudge. He used the Joy of Cooking recipe which involves a candy thermometer and a mixer and many bowls.

The many bowls would be an issue.


The first problem was that the fudge ‘seized’ while in the mixer and became crumbly, never solidifying.

After some googling he determined he could heat it back up and that would smooth it out.


But the end result was not much fudge at all


This is due to the multiple bowl issue.

This fudge is very dense and clingy, scraping it all out of the pan into the mixer was impossible, even with spatulas, so some fudge got left behind there. Then ditto with scraping it out of the mixer bowl onto a tray.

And then the fudge had to be put back in a pan to heat it back up and then back into the mixer bowl and then back onto the tray.

This did not leave a lot of fudge.

But the texture was perfect.

So all three of them will be making more fudge.

I haven’t made mine yet. I was going to make it in Florida but I left the recipe at home & couldn’t find the website I got it from, so I’ll probably give it a try this weekend.

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