Precious Quilts

Welcome to Storytelling Sunday! A monthly meme hosted by Sian at From High in the Sky. She usually gives us a suggestion for the month if we need some inspiration but this month she gave us a list of things. Two of them reminded me of something I rarely think about these days – a favorite thing I made myself and being surprised when someone brings out something you made for them years ago.

I spent 1999 working on a quilt project.  In college our group of friends was collectively known as the Heathens. We all finished up around 1989-91 and began drifting, alone or in pairs, to other cities so we didn’t see much of one another though we did all get together once a year or so or met in various combinations.  Because it was 1999 and Y2K end of the world fever was upon us and I had recently discovered quilting, I decided to make everyone a lap quilt, to keep us all warm when the power went out for good because computers are too stupid to realize 00 is still a valid date and the power grid would somehow magically implode at 12:00 1/1/2000. (I never really understood the logic behind the panic).

There were 9 of us and I decided I’d use two identical fabrics in every quilt and then a third fabric of their favorite color.

I had a lot of fun designing them and cutting them out (for some reason I can cut fabric with a rotary cutter just fine, but paper/rotary or fabric/scissors or paper/scissors is always a disaster) and piecing them together.  The actual quilting part was not going so well with my bottom end Singer sewing machine. There just wasn’t enough room to maneuver the ‘quilt sandwich’ so I gave that part to the wife of a coworker who loves that part of quilting.

I didn’t actually finish them in time for the world to end.  The project dragged into 2000 but was finished in time to be given out at the after reception party after two of them got married.  (it was a very casual wedding & reception, followed by just hanging out at their house)

I don’t have photos of all 9 of the quilts anymore (including mine & DHs though the boys are currently wrapped up in them) but here are 5 of them


I love these quilts! They are the craft project I am most proud of and I just love it when my friends post a note or photo to my Facebook wall of them with it 13 years later.


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