Wordy Wednesday

We just came back from our annual 3 day/2 night trip at Great Wolf Lodge.


Where we did some of this


and a great deal of this


and on the way there & back we found 4 of these

2013-10-08 14.12.50

The last one we found on Sunday resulted in this

2013-10-06 14.04.27

4 puncture wounds from 2 nails. The two you can’t see are in the base of the heel, which made it look like I had two nails go in my heel and pop out my ankle.  But the ER doc says if that had happened I’d’ve had more damage to the foot.

As it was they cleaned it up, gave me a tetanus shot (giving me a total of 5, yes 5, puncture wounds) and told me to pick up some waterproof bandages when I get my antibiotic prescription filled. No stitches or anything required.

Sunday afternoon it hurt too bad for me to get in the water. Sunday night my arm started hurting where I got the tetanus shot.  Monday was a toss up as to whether my heel or my arm hurt more.

I think they gave me the tetanus shot mostly so I’d have some perspective on the pain in my foot.

Or possibly because my last one was sometime in the early 80’s.

Monday I went on the flow rider a lot.  It has no steps, just a ramp and unlike the slides my foot didn’t get knocked around nearly as much.  Though I did do a few slides. Then I sat in the lobby and watched the kids tear around the hotel doing Magiquest.

We also celebrated Havoc’s birthday but those photos are on my camera and I left my card reader & my phone charger at the hotel.

Tuesday DH & I spent all morning on the flow rider. Havoc, Mayhem and the kids in the other family we went with went on all the slides.  Their parents spent the morning in the hot tub. But I’m not a hot tub fan.

Especially when there is flow riding to do.

This was our 7th visit since we first went in Oct 08. We’re talking about going again in the spring if we can manage it. But DH is talking again about putting a roof or carport or something over the parking area this fall (an actual garage is not in the budget) so I’m thinking, even though DH has been talking about the carport since 1998, probably we won’t go again until this time next year.

As much as I dearly love Great Wolf Lodge, I really really would like a roof over my car this winter. Even if we get all redneck trash about it and hang those blue tarps on the side to stop snow & rain blowing in it because we can only afford the roof but not the walls.

Never in all my adult life have I had a carport or garage.  My garage envy is almost as strong as my laundry room envy.

And I have SERIOUS laundry room envy.

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4 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • I understand that garage envy! Hope the foot is feeling better

  • Ouch on the nails – glad you got a tetanus injection, even if it hurt.

    Glad the rest of the trip was fun – going again sounds like a plan but I can see the garage envy. Wookie wants a place to park he has serious car space envy.

    Was typing for a client and learned that a relative of her’s was involved in the first geocaches…. called Letterboxing on Dartmoor way back in the 19th Century. Still can do that today. Made me think of you all :)

  • Looks like great fun. I found your blog through Julie Kirk and have become a follower.

  • I came over from Swistle, and all I have to say is.. ouch (oh, and I hope the hotel will send you your card reader–what a shame to lose the pictures).