Monday Meanders

The boys are off school today because of a last minute cancellation due to so far unspecified ‘safety concerns’. That could mean anything from a sudden discovery of asbestos in a building, to rumors of possible riots due to the cafeteria serving potato crusted fish AGAIN, to a bomb scare, to possible other violence.  The whole county is shut down, not just our school. Rumor has it there were threats made against someone at the high school.

This happened last year as well I think, or maybe the year before.

I expect tomorrow the boys will bring home a vaguely worded letter ‘explaining’ things.  As our local paper is a weekly with no internet presence and we have no local news station I might never know what happened. Though the cancellation did get a 5 second mention on the metropolis news last night.  The city south of us has a local channel but Directv won’t let us have it because due to our zip code crossing counties we are considered ‘local’ to the metropolis 2 hours away instead of the city 45 minutes away.

Speaking of Directv… we’re getting their Genie system installed today, so I was planning on working from home anyway. 

I’m cleaning the house like a maniac because I don’t want a stranger I will never see again to think badly of my housekeeping.

I can’t remember the last time I worked a whole week in the office.

I was sort of looking forward to being home alone today so I could reorganize the kitchen cabinets but that is impossible with boys wandering through every 5 minutes and asking a million questions and moving things around so that project will have to wait awhile however desperately it needs to be done.

The Wii has been glitching again.  It’s $85 to repair but I found a bunch of used ones on eBay for under $60 with shipping so I chose that option instead. We’re thinking of getting a WiiU at some point in the next year but it’s not happening by Xmas so repair/replace is the best option.

People are crazy on eBay. I ended up getting a console for $45 with free shipping but I saw a bunch of people wanting $100-$150 plus $20-$30 in shipping for just a console!  You can get a new entire system PLUS 2 games at Wal Mart for $120!

I need to get back on board of meal planning now that football season is nearly over.  We ended the season 1-6 with 1 game cancelled.  We have playoffs this weekend but considering that 1-6 record I suspect we will only get the one playoff game.

I’m also plotting my Journal Your Christmas album.  I’m seriously considering not scrapping this year.  I just don’t have the time I have had in the past and really, I only finished JYC half the time in the past, so I assume I’m gong to be hopeless this year.

I finished all but 2 of last year’s pages but haven’t printed them.I’m thinking of doing a strictly journaling project this year and match the journaling up with the pages from last year. Not on the scrapbook page itself but on the page opposite it. So when you open the book you see the layout on your left and the journaling on your right. But I need to go back through the prompts from last year and see if I have that much to say.

30 Days of Lists will be doing a December project and I thought I might add that to the JYC journaling when I don’t have that much to say.

But it’s early days yet.

I’ll probably end up scrapping out of habit.

How about you? How’s your week shaping up? Have you given any thought to Journal Your Christmas or December Daily yet?

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4 comments to Monday Meanders

  • HELLO – I can’t understand why but you had somehow disappeared from my Feedly feed … and wouldn’t reappear until the 5th attempt just now! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and recently because it reminded me to go look for updates to the crazy world that is H&M … I’ll try not to be such a stranger!
    Had to LOL at the cleaning up for the never to be seen again visitor … my window cleaner knows me as I really am, but the window salesman thinks I am a domestic goddess! As for DD/JYC – I know I’m a quitter and am not even contemplating it this year!

    • Stacey

      Feedly can’t see my old feed for some reason so I have changed my subscribe feed to word press which feedly sees find. If you resubscribe to the blog using my subscribe RSS button the blog will appear in your reader the way it should.

  • I’ve never done JYC, failed miserably at the December Daily so figure I’ll stick with the Project Life/Gratitudes – might do some more journaling quizzes with the family for our traditions albums.

    • Stacey

      I’m thinking if I do just journaling I can get the family more involved in the project which would be nice and the boys are finally old enough to really express themselves.