My Precious

Welcome once again to another installment of Sian’s monthly meme Storytelling Sunday.

I originally had another idea in mind for this post but events conspired to replace that idea with this one.

What events?

Well, here in the US it is Labor Day weekend. Traditionally seen as the end of summer,with kids going back to school around now, it is usually filled with picnics and cookouts and camping and all sorts of other ‘let’s get one last time in” outdoor activities before the fall activities take over.

For everyone but me that is.

See, around now whatever the heck it is that I am allergic to is in full bloom, or dying, or entering it’s pollination phase.  I don’t really know what it is doing as I don’t really know what it is that causes this.  Oh I know what the weed that I am allergic to all summer long looks like, though not what it is called. But I don’t know if that is what that sets me off now.

I could spend lots of money to find out I suppose, getting myself tested. But for what?

Knowing what specifically I am allergic to will not change anything.  Whatever it is, it isn’t some small plant that occupies one tiny corner of my yard that I can then have pulled up by it’s roots.

If it was, then I wouldn’t react the way I do.

Whatever it is, it is everywhere and short of napalming the entire state, or possibly the whole mid-Atlantic region, I’m not going to be able to avoid it.

I’d need a hermetically sealed room to avoid it and given the cost of a hermitically sealed room is fairly close to the cost of allergy testing I might as well just build the room and continue not knowing what I am hiding from.

It is always Labor Day weekend that I seem to suffer the most. Sometimes it starts a few days early or runs a few days but it always covers Labor Day weekend.

It started Wednesday this time, with watery, itchy eyes and then a fit of uncontrolled sneezing.

Not just “oh a tickle in my nose” achoo! but more of a “PREPARE TO REPEL BOARDERS!!” full body AAAACCCHHHOOOO!!!! AAAACCCHHHOOOO!!!!AAAACCCHHHOOOO!!!! that makes me double over and occasionally, if it lasts more than 3 sneezes, can bring me to my knees.

Which is always fun in the grocery store.

And then I spend the next 3-7 days alternating between hot steamy showers, using a neti pot and laying on my bed both sneezing and exhausted from the sneezing. And sore as hell from all the sneezing. Oh and then there are the random asthma attacks brought on by the sneezing.

Have you ever sneezed so frequently & so violently that you are too exhausted to sneeze anymore and yet still continue to sneeze?

Good times people, good times.

Which is why this is my precious this month.


Knowing from 15 years of experience what was coming this weekend, I starting taking these pills 8 days ago.

I don’t know why.

It’s not like they really accomplish a whole lot.

Without them I sneeze 5-6 times in a row. With them I only sneeze 3-5 times. Maybe my eyes are less itchy but that is so subjective I can’t really say for sure.

These are generic over the counter pills but I’ve tried the non generic version plus I’ve tried Benadryl and a host of others and a few prescription strength things as well. I’ve combined them, I’ve taken double the amount, I’ve wondered how many I can take in an 8 hour period without actually poisoning myself.

Nothing really works though.

But still if the house were on fire I’d grab the bottle before leaving if just for the placebo effect.

Assuming I could bring myself to leave the house in the first place.

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