Month in Numbers–Sept

My month in numbers is a meme hosted by Julie Kirk at Notes on Paper. Every month she encourages us to summarize our month by counting the things that matter to us. She also gives us a Communal Count suggestion for everyone to keep track of.

This month’s communal counts are the earliest you got up this month and the number of people who visited plus the number who live in the house.

The earliest I got up this month was 6:35! Which unfortunately is the time I have to get up on school days in order to get the boys ready for the 7:20 bus and myself out the door by 7:10 to hit the gym before work. (DH oversees them actually getting on the bus)

The number of visitors we had this month was 5. 4 of them were one family that are good friends of ours and they visited a few times. The other one was a door to door sales person.

We went to the library 2 times, checked out a total of 19 books and we had $0 in overdue fines this month.

I finished 6 new books and failed to get a third of the way into 4 more.

I burned an average of 400 calories a workout on the EFX cardio machine, with a high of 550 calories at times.

I crocheted 3 minions while watching 20 episodes of the Tudors and some bonus features.


I played an unknown number of Words with Friends games. My highest overall score was 581 and my highest per word score was 120 for “ORIBATIDS” which is another word for a type of mite.  Yeah, I was just laying letters down and got lucky with that one.

Football season began. The boys have had 14 practices and played 1 game, which they won 19-0.


We forgot to turn in copies of their birth certificates 3 times.

I took 114 photos and edited only 17, putting me 14 days behind on my 365 Project.

We got 3 new kittens. 1 is a replacement for another 1 that unfortunately died less than 24 hours after we got her.


We found 20 geocaches and hid 1.


Last, I wrote 7 blog posts, which is a personal low for me. (and speaking of a personal low lets not discuss how many layouts I did this month – 1)

How was your month?

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5 comments to Month in Numbers–Sept

  • Helena C

    such cutie kittens and I love your minion trio

  • The Minions are fab! Big Minions fans here

  • Cute minions – and I’m a big words w friends fan here too. Sometimes just laying down the letters works best ;)

  • I love those Minions and so would the Boy Child!! Are they easy to do, maybe I could persuade my sister to rustle up a few for her nephew. Had to laugh at how many episodes of The Tudors you got through!

  • Ooh lots to comment on here!

    I’ve also found it hard to get into several of my library books lately … and it’s certainly brought my ‘finished book count’ down! I might have to start counting the number of pages I read … at least all the part-read ones will still count then!

    My blog post and layout count are all down just like yours too – I think some months I feel it … and others I just get on with other things. Then you look back and a whole month has gone by and all the things you meant to do … are still waiting!

    The minions [and kittens!] are adorable – and I love how honest you were about the unusual word. You could have just acted all casual like .. “yeah .. don’t you know what oribatids are? I thought it was obvious!” ;-)

    I’ve added you to the board now Stacey:

    Happy September!

    Julie :-)

    p.s: The questions for the 3nd ‘Communal Count’ are now up on my blog if you fancy joining in again :-)