Wordy Wednesday


And there they go! Off to 5th and 4th grade!

School started for us yesterday.

What did I do while they were at school?

I went to the gym BY MYSELF!

I went to Target BY MYSELF!

I went grocery shopping BY MYSELF!

Then I came home and sat in the silence for a bit before I decided to watch the Tudors (I have the boxed set) which I cannot watch with the boys around due to the sexual content (I can just hear it now “Why is that woman on her knees mom? Is she hurting him?” or worse yet – their googling it rather than asking) and worked on a crocheted minion. 

No photo of said minion because the pattern was making a HUGE minion and I had to work out how to scale it back & then pull out all the work I had done & start over. So I haven’t finished it.

Maybe today.

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