Porch Thingy Update

It’s been awhile since I gave an update on the porch thingy/mud room/covered area.

We painted it and the existing house trim in July


and then DH put trim on the windows and a soffit under the roof overhang

2013-08-19 13.54.26

We still need to get the trim board around the bottom but we ran out of trim paint & can’t remember the name because we threw the can away apparently.

So that is on hold until I go to Lowes and look through their brown paint samples to find the one that ‘sounds like the name’ of what we used.

With the exterior mostly done I decided to focus on the interior.

When you walk in that door this is what you see


at the edge of the brick right there are the French doors to the kitchen.

The white panel is a pet door, blocked while we were organizing. That white wire shelf and 2 others will go on the wall above the pet door once we decide what to do with the walls (plywood or drywall).

Or sooner.

Depends on how fast we decide about the walls versus how soon we might need to put stuff on those shelves


On this side we have 2 shelves, one runs back to the door behind you and the other runs 5 feet short.

View from the other door.

The benches and the table are our old breakfast nook.


Sports equipment area


As you can see part of the floor is exposed concrete and the other half is covered with leftover house wrap.

The whole floor will be painted tan eventually.

Or stained.

First though we have some work to do on it. Under the bench in the first interior photo is just a dirt hole with some plywood on it. It was my herb bed before we enclosed the porch. We need to fill it with concrete.

Then we need to level the floor with leveling concrete.

Then we can paint.

So another year or so.

Then I thought we might replace the faucets in our bathroom. There are two of them, just like in the main bathroom.

DH doesn’t appear to be any rush.

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3 comments to Porch Thingy Update

  • You didn’t think a herb garden would do rather well in an enclosed room? Hope you get the floor done and the walls decided on before you have to put things up on shelves.

  • I hope you get it finished up sooner than you expect to!

  • Kim

    Hey you got it built! That’s impressive all by itself (my family does projects at about the same speed as yours). It looks great, good luck making the remaining organizational decisions.