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School starts Tuesday!!!  Oh thank you Jesus!!

I’ve really enjoyed this summer with the boys (90% of the time) but we have as usual reached togetherness saturation and it’s time we all went our separate ways during the day for awhile.

It’s not like they don’t have this coming Monday off. Or Sept 20th or Oct 21st or a week in November or two days out of every seven.


Supplies are all purchased, lunch & snacks as well. Everyone has shoes & clean clothes. We have met the teachers and have a vague idea of when the bus will arrive (they haven’t told us and no one answers at the bus depot so we assume it will be the same time as previous years but who really knows).

So we’re as ready as we’re going to get.

Football started at the beginning of the month.

2013-08-07 18.21.18

We’ve had one regular season game and won it 19-0. Both boys are outside linebackers currently though they move Mayhem around. They had him at nose guard like last year but since he moved up a bracket he is one of the smallest on the team so being right in the center of the huge guys wasn’t working too well.

Not that he would say so. He is a little football powerhouse & plowed right through but they eventually decided to move him elsewhere for the time being. His fierceness is useful in any position.

2013-08-17 11.49.30

We added a couple new members to the family this month. This is Skittles & Snickers. If you follow me on Facebook you know we originally had a different second kitten named Twix that died less than 24 hours after we got her. Her identical littermate (both tortoise shells) died at the animal shelter only a few hours later. They think it was something congenital.  So we got Snickers, who was Skittles littermate. Twix had been from a different litter.

In case you are wondering about the names…the shelter has a candy vending machine & the boys were unable to come up with any other names when asked.

2013-08-21 11.55.11

We found a total of 67 caches this summer!  Not bad from a bunch of n00bs!  Football season is going to cut into weekend hunting until the end of October but we’ll probably take the occasional Sunday to do some.  There are a bunch hidden along the 100 mile divided highway that is our main road. We’ve found a bunch around here and on the way to the ‘big town’ south of us, but we’ve only gone a small way north & north is The Land of Endless Strip Malls & Big Box Stores so probably we’ll manage a few trips that way.  There are also two big parks with hiking trails that have 7-10 hidden in them that we plan on visiting from time to time.

I go back to work next Tuesday. Assuming they have a computer & desk for me.  They hired a guy to replace a different guy and for reasons I don’t under stand the new guy got my desk & PC rather than taking over the stuff of the guy he is replacing. I think they then got rid of the old computer, or maybe swapped it out with a slightly older one & got rid of that.

Either way – no computer for me. Maybe.  Rumor has it they are going to invest in a few new computers “soon”. But I think that keeps getting put off while they wait on events in another area, which also keep getting put off.

When you are 4th in line to get something and have to wait for 1 to 3 to do it first and 1 can’t get it’s act in gear, you might as well resign yourself to never ever getting it. 

I’m certainly not bringing my own laptop into work.

They’d never get around to getting me a work pc if I did that.

In other news we painted nearly all the trim for the mudroom and put it on and then ran out of paint. Something happened to the can… it’s disappeared…so we have NO IDEA what shade of paint we were using, beyond the fact that it is brown

2013-08-25 10.05.31

Yeah, that’s helpful.

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3 comments to Meandering Thoughts

  • Definitely don’t take your computer to work – take knitting instead, that might hurry them along. Hope the bus turns up as expected today and the kittens enjoy living with you and stay healthy :)

  • Best of luck with the new school year! Yes, I know that feeling of togetherness saturation. I think we’ve reached it.

  • Sounds like everyone is ready to get back in the ‘old routine’ (whatever that was!)
    I’m moving desks when I go back too. Well, more swapping desks with someone who is reducing her hours and she has a large L shaped desk whereas mine was a teeny tiny one. However, she is someone who has kept a copy of everything she has done over the last 12 years and I am a great believer in ‘it’s stored on the computer so I don’t need a paper copy’. So I think the swap is going to take a pretty long time! I’m not convinced all her stuff is going to fit in her new home either …