Maybe It Is Time

I haven’t been around much and I apologize to everyone for not posting here or commenting elsewhere as much. My Facebook & Instagram presence is way down too.

I’d like to say we are way too busy having fun to have time to tell you about it but we live a very routine life – gym, library, groceries, geocaching – with very very sporadic events like going to Wheeling. There is plenty of time to tell you about it, it’s just not very interesting after the first telling.

Normally I can find something amusing to write about but a few weeks ago I was cleaning out my pantry and thinking of getting my camera for a ‘nearly before’ photo when other circumstances caused me to have a bit of what I call “a long emotional moment”. Sobbing on the kitchen floor usually happens much later into the summer. Usually it’s one of those last 10 days before school that is all too much for me but this time it was early July and hit a little harder. So I’ve been a little ‘meh’ until recently for that & other reasons.

Do you all remember a version of events I gave you for Storytelling Sunday back in November, featuring either a solo wizard battling a college of wizards in a fantasy or a mafia don taking on the Gang of 3 (or 4) in a dystopian future? With the plucky band of adventurers either trying to control a dragon or destroy semi intelligent damaged technology while waiting for a Chosen One to arise to save them from the wizards/criminals who have taken over the Adventures’ lives?

It’s still going on and it’s keeping me down.

When last we left that story a new warrior had arrived & we were unsure if he was the Chosen One or the Dark Warrior who’d create a Dark Empire. I’d been on the edge of just declaring it a role playing game & decided what it really needed to keep the narrative going was a murder.

Well, read on:

Since last I told this tale some Adventurers have fallen by the wayside, seeking other paths either by choice or by force. The battle rages on between the mafia don and the wizard college. The zombie lifeform continues to barely cling to life. The dragon is still despoiling the land. And the techno mage parasites feed.

A Chosen One had arisen, and there was a time of hope throughout the land.

The Chosen One promised much, yet as the time to fulfill these promises drew near the Chosen One said “Some necessary things must be done by Others before I can end this quest.” and when these mysterious Others at long last completed the tasks set by the Chosen One, the Chosen One said  “Yeah, I’m going to need a bit more time for this.” and then, as the repeatedly pushed back time of promise fulfillment at long last came due –

The Chosen One died.


Natural causes and as I understand it not really unexpected for health reasons (we’ve never met the Chosen One) but naturally the story paused for a while.

When it picked up again everyone was back where they were before the Chosen One came. They are back with battles and zombies and parasites and dragons and this time a much reduced band of Adventurers.

The remaining Adventurers are held in thrall by the magic/power of all the various wizards/criminals who all swear their battle is nearing the end. That their enemies cannot withstand this one final assault (and they really mean it’s final this time, unlike the other 7 times it’s been ‘final’) and that when they are in fully in charge of the land, the evil defeated, it will be green and prosperous again.

But it’s hard to believe that when the land has been so despoiled, not only by their war but by the years of tiny skirmishes leading up to the war.

One of the Adventurers has been thinking of taking a new path but the paths that are found tend to lead downhill where the going is much rougher & time consuming.

And who knows what sort of dragons are lurking there?  There are insane wizards and criminal gangs hiding everywhere and no way of knowing if you have encountered them until you suddenly find yourself fighting mob spawned techno zombies.

Better to stick with the known. Known is secure, in it’s own stressful way.

Recently a new path that seems to lead uphill has been found, the road is smoother but has many traps for the unwary.

And there is no way of knowing if it actually leads anywhere or is just a path to others that might be harder.

And there is the dragon problem.

Or maybe there are different monsters as you go up?

Or maybe there aren’t.

And maybe it’s time to admit a good outcome to this story is becoming more and more unlikely.

So I guess it’s a dystopian one after all.

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4 comments to Maybe It Is Time

  • I’m fairly certain if ‘the chosen one’ dies they are then found not to be the chosen one :( Sorry to hear things are still meh and hope they pick up. Hear you on the finding it hard to do cheerful stuff at times, but hoping some dinosaurs or clones manage to amuse you soon. School goes back too which might help make things feel more balanced.

    (but you’ve also reminded me why distopian fiction isn’t my favourite – I do like a happy ending, so maybe one will surprise you?)

  • I’m sorry to hear about the sobbing on the kitchen floor and certainly hope there will be no repeats for the rest of the summer…hope things improve soon

  • It’s hard enough when the melting down comes at an almost expected time but harder when it hits us unexpected. I hope things are brighter soon and that the living with boys, dinos and clones bring you smiles and laughter and that the beauty of life inspires your creativity. {{{hugs}}}

  • Sorry to hear that you’ve been having a tough time and I hope that the ‘meh’ feeling soon gives way to more positive vibes.