Wordy Wednesday

2013-07-21 18.23.25

Mayhem has spent the summer obsessed with playing Uno.

He insists on playing a couple times a week.

2013-07-21 18.22.50

He’s sitting there with 3 “Wild +4” cards in his hand and no yellow cards. He will hit me with two of them before I can reverse the order so DH gets hit with the third.

Mayhem will end the game with a score of 37 while DH and I are each over 200.

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1 comment to Wordy Wednesday

  • Hi Stacey. I’m enjoying a catch up on what you’ve been doing while I’ve been away..keep on trying with that crock pot! There are some great blogs out there with crock pot recipes and it’s definitely cooking made with crafting in mind. Stick it all in and forget about it. I have a great image of your country kitchen style one in my head..lots of my things are that vintage too and have a similar look