The Precious Pie

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I live a few hundred miles from my hometown. I like where I live mostly.  It’s a bit flatter than I am used to & more humid but there are jobs here and there aren’t any in my hometown so you know… it’s ok.

Apart from the pizza problem.

Oh sure there is plenty of chain pizza around & even some individually owned pizza shops but none of them appeal.

None of them make pizza the right way.

Pizza is not supposed to be round things covered in toppings & cooked on a metal belt that rolls it through an oven.

Pizza is supposed to be a large rectangular tray put in big coal fired ovens, with just the sauce on it.  When it is crisp & hot it is taken out & crumbled cheese is spread all over it & the heat of the sauce & crust cause the cheese to melt slightly.  Then pepperonis are scattered a across it.

Plus hot peppers if you are into that kind of thing.

I’m not but I don’t get judgy about it if you are.

You buy this pizza by the square slice. A whole tray is 30 slices.

There is no eating in. There is no delivery.  It’s carry out only

This is the world’s best pizza. People who have moved away from this area (and more people are *from* the area than actually *live* in the area these days) make sure to get this pizza whenever they are in town. Or they get family to bring it with them when they visit. Or you can get it shipped.

People who still live in the area says the service has gone way down & the owners are rude.  Maybe they are. Maybe if I lived here & could have this pizza whenever I wanted I would care about the rudeness.  But once a year I can put up with abrupt or shoddy service to grab a tray and stuff myself with pizza.


If I could take one meal with me on a desert island it would be this pizza.

One year I didn’t get home for the summer & was so sad I would have to go 2 years without my pizza fix.  I thought I’d have to miss this year but my folks ended up staying in a house instead of a hotel this year while they were in town so we were able to make the trip.

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19 comments to The Precious Pie

  • What a great choice for story telling Sunday. I have to think about whether there’s any similar food for me . . .

  • Ladkyis

    Excellent! I always love food stories. What a special pizza

  • What a great choice for a Precious! You have taken me right back to the first pizza I ever ate..I had to travel from my little home town to a place in New England. I first tasted pizza in a new country, and I loved it and when I got home I tried to tell everyone how good it was and how we needed to open a pizza shop. It was years again before I tasted anything similar.

    Thanks for the story today

  • I love the way you told this and am ready for a slice now! I make pizza in a rectangle if we’re all sharing. I also put the dough in the oven, with just the seasoned tomato sauce on, until it is almost done and then add the toppings and cheese for the final 5 minutes. Not quite the same as your precious pie, but better than anything on offer in my hometown!

  • Jen

    Oh you told this story so well – I am just ready to eat a slice of the pizza now! looks delicious! J x

  • Yummy pizza – took me MONTHS to convince Wookie to try pizza… he’d only eaten cardboard discs with ketchup on. Was so grateful when Pizza Hut arrived in the UK :)

  • sheena x

    Wow that pizza looks awesome x
    I think I might have to try this method when I make my own.
    Many thanks for sharing.

  • Great choice of precious! You make it sound well worth the special journey!

  • This sounds interesting and tasty. Perhaps they figure service can be shoddy when their pizzas speak for themselves!

  • Great story…..has made me hungry for pizza though! lol

  • Abi

    Oh wow that made my mouth water. That is a fantastic topic for your precious. I have never heard of pizza made that way. It looks delicious.

  • What a great topic for STS. I love it and I have never had a pizza made like this, I generally just don’t like them, perhaps that’s why.

  • Gail

    They’re just starting to make rectangular ones here now. Great choice for a precious item.

  • Hummmm pizza… Thanks for sharing this delicious story.
    xoxo from Bordeaux (a good red wine would go perfectly with your pizza).

  • mmmmmm! Nothing like a more traditional pizza although I grew up with them cooked in a wood fired oven. The taste is AMAZING, although ours were still round :) I love how food from our childhood is so precious.

  • Jo

    Wow, I really want to try that pizza now! A great story :)

  • I have to agree – love Manco&Manco pizza and I get it only once a year when we get to the Jersey shore. Pizza is definitely a personal thing – love your commentary on it!

  • I can totally relate to this! Having moved from Montreal, which is for good pizza, across the country to Edmonton, it has taken us two and a half years to finally find a pizza which is almost comparable to what we were used to eating. I could tell just by looking at it that it was going to pass the test, and that first bite was pure heaven! Thanks for the story. I enjoyed it.

  • We love Pizza and it is our must have meal on a Saturday, a really good pizza is a feast better than any other,