Summer Scavenger Hunt update

We were in my hometown for 5 days over last weekend and I had a good deal of luck with scavenger hunt items.

In addition to the plethora of towers and fences I shared on Tuesday I found these

A cop car

2013-07-08 13.03.15

He was coming out of a gas station conveniece store called Sheetz, which has excellent donuts and fairly decent fast food (including pepperoni rolls but only in West Virginia where they are a regional food. They don’t sell them at the one near us, which is a disappointment to me & Havoc.)  I didn’t see him with donuts but I didn’t see him with carrots either…

There was also a fish in an aquarium

2013-07-06 11.43.47

This was at Cabela’s, which is an outdoor gear type store. They have a section over by the fishing stuff that is a huge (bigger in sq feet than my living room) floor to ceiling fish tanks.  The long skinny one is a long nose gar. The other is a trout.

Last I have a mosaic

2013-07-06 10.22.54

It’s the backsplash in the kitchen of the million dollar home my folks stayed in while they were in Wheeling.

This is the whole house


It’s like most 2 story homes, only every room is twice as big and with very high end finishes.

And a stable in the basement.

I found no sign of the wind farm I saw on the way up, so either I misremembered the general area on I68 where it was or it was all a product of a fevered imagination.

I saw several humorous signs on the drive home but the problem with passing humorous signs in a car is they are long gone by the time you get your hands on a camera or the phone.

Case in point, this cloud

2013-07-10 13.17.11

When I originally saw it it looked like Abe Lincoln in profile but by the time I untangled my phone from its charger & AUX output it looked like this.

So I am still working on those 3.

We’re headed back up to West Virginia today (eastern panhandle this time, not northern) to spend the day with friends and split up the meat we got in a cow share. 

I’ll just keep my phone in my hand the whole time in hopes that I see an interesting cloud or sign along the way.  I have no hopes for a windmill but you never know.

How’s your hunt going?

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  • Just posted my latest update – few more to get. Not managed a police car or fire truck. Took photos of an ambulance thinking it was any of the three. My brother Peter loved West Virginia when he lived there – you didn’t see him with many carrots either ;)