Halfway Point

We are halfway into summer vacation.

5 weeks are gone and there are 5 weeks to go.

Next week is football camp and the following week starts football practice. I’m assuming practice will be 3 evenings a week like last season so we still have the days available to us.

Supper is going to get tricky again but I do have 6 pot roasts.

And I bought a new crock pot.


I’m not a crock fan. Everything I make in it tastes steam table watery. But possibly this is due to my 20 year old crock pot that might be too small for what I have tried to cook in it.

For $25 it’s worth a shot.

It cost $25 instead of $30-40 because it is red stainless steel and I guess that color has proven less than popular.  My old crock pot was cream colored with ‘country kitchen’ flowers on it, which was kitchy but went with the kitchen.

This doesn’t go with the kitchen..

Neither did the black or regular stainless steel, which were my other option.  Apparently white isn’t popular.  It was only available in the smaller sizes.

I figure if the thing is going to clash no matter what I choose, I might as well choose the cheapest one.

We bought it on one of our Wednesday caching trips.

During the week we try to find one cache a day on Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri. This isn’t too hard as there are half a dozen hidden between the gym & our house and a half a dozen more in the general area we run errands.

We found this one across the street from the Target shopping plaza.

2013-07-19 10.46.24

But on Wednesdays we make a trip out of it. We pick an area or a route that has 4-8 caches and we spend a couple hours looking for them and playing in the park where they are hidden or getting lunch at the end of the journey, plus stopping to buy a crock pot on the way home.

It’s been fun, finding little hidden parks & Civil War fields to explore.

We’ve done most of the stuff we wanted too, but we’re still planning to go to King’s Dominion if the weather will just cooperate. It’s either expecting a high of 97 for days on end or thunderstorms for days on end. No lie, the 10 day forecast for this week is thunderstorms all week. After 7 days of heat in the high 90s. Granted thunderstorm predictions ought to keep the crowds away but I’m too old & cranky to stand around wet in an amusement park. That was fun at 22, it’s not so much at 46.

How is your summer going so far?

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1 comment to Halfway Point

  • I like red appliances and they’d not go with my kitchen either. Hope this one works better.

    Wookie still figures we dress for rain and head out to an amusement park – the kids agree, I go along and we do usually have fun.