Monday Meander


The menu.

I’ve made the mac & cheese, the turkey & ravioli, both steak dishes and the broccoli cheese soup last week. We had take out one night & Brad cooked another.

This is the boys’ last week of school. They want shrimp scampi on Friday to celebrate and if I never make the chicken & sweet potato salad that would be fine with Mayhem.

Mayhem hates sweet potatoes.

Havoc has a science fair on Tuesday. So far he has made half a poster. I think more is required but as I have never seen any handouts or homework sheets about it I have no idea really.  I didn’t even know there was a science fair until Friday when there was a flyer invitation to the fair.


I made him make an example out of Legos just in case.

I feel like this is going to be a long week.

I stopped packing lunches 2 weeks ago.  I don’t know what meals the school is serving or whether the boys like them. I don’t care either.  They haven’t complained so they must be finding something to eat.

Maybe the school gave up too & is just serving hot dogs, hamburgers & pizza instead of salsbury steak or pot pie or BBQ sandwiches.

Wednesday I am supposed to take the car into the collision repair place because I did this

2013-06-06 09.03.52

But the car’s water pump is leaking too & it’s wedged in in such a way the whole engine has to come out to fix it, so a grand or more to fix it probably, in addition to the $500 deductible for the body work.

I’m trying to sort out if I can put off the body work so I can get the water pump repaired. But that could take a few days & I need the car to go to work this week.

I get a rental car free while the body work gets done due to my insurance but I get nothing while the water pump is repaired so maybe I should just risk the leaking pump & get the body work done first. But the body shop is almost an hour away & that’s a long way to go with a faulty water pump.

It’s like universe absolutely does not want us to go to an amusement park or on any day trips. Last year DH’s transmission failed costing us $1800 in repair work. Looks like my car stuff will probably cost about as much this year.

This bites.

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3 comments to Monday Meander

  • You sound like me! Sometimes I’m all enthusiastic about meal planning, sometimes I think – do you know what? cooking isn’t my favourite thing, so I’m taking a break

  • Glad to hear the boys aren’t starving. Ugh on the water pump – hope you can get both bits done and it doesn’t cost everything you fear.

  • Ughhh sorry about the car repair expenses. I hate when stuff like that screws up the fun stuff in life @@ I think I will only be cooking once this week because of meetings and our anniversary. Last week I didn’t cook because we were in wedding mode so I am actually ready to get back to meal planning and homecooked food.