For once an easy job


As you know, any time I try to do any type of home improvement thing it ends up being far more of a challenge than it ought to be.

Especially in the bathroom.

I needed mallets & saws to remove a sliding closet shelf.

It took 7 trips and 9 days to change the sink faucet fixtures.

DH had to do spot welding to replace one prefab shelving unit over the toilet with a new one.

And then there was the whole shower spigot disaster.

So while I have been wanting a new shower head, I haven’t had the energy to deal with it. It seems straightforward enough, unscrew old showerhead, put new tape on the threads & screw on a new showerhead.  What could possibly go wrong?

Given my track record, probably I’d end up accidentally dropping one of the showerheads in the tub and making a huge leaking crack that couldn’t be repaired so we’d need to replace the whole tub surround which will require hacking it to bits to take it out & removing a wall (or 2) to get a new one in.

Because that is how things in this house work.

But you know how it goes. One day you find yourself in Lowes & the shower head you like is marked down & you get a wild hair & buy it, thinking you can probably line the tub with an old toddler mattress to protect it from accidentally dropped things.

shower (1)

My old showerhead.  I forgot to take a photo in situ.

shower (8)

New showerhead.

shower (5)

Easy 3 step installation! 

Except wait….  On the left it says “Thread seal tape not recommended” but on the right the second step is “Apply thread seal tape”

Look Delta, I can screw this up all on my own. I don’t need any help from you.

shower (7)

Except this time I didn’t.

I unscrewed the old showerhead, set it on the counter, applied new tape and screwed on the two parts of the new showerhead.

The end.

Kind of anticlimactic really.

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