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Homemade vanilla.

I love the glass flasks I found!

They are 8.5oz each, plus we had a pint & half extra as well.

So that’s Christmas gifts taken care of.

I made these using a recipe I found on Pinterest.

Which recipe? I have no clue as I have 4 pins about making vanilla and they mostly disagree about how to go about it so I searched a bunch more & came up with this sort of composite recipe:

  • One large size bottle of very cheap vodka. (available wherever fine and not so fine liquors are sold or Amazon will link you to someone who might mail it to you depending on local laws)
  • About a dozen vanilla pods, cut in half and the insides scraped. (available at health food store or much much more cheaply on Amazon)

Pour vodka in a large saucepan, add the pods & scrapings & set it over med-low heat for awhile. Until you smell warm vanilla, then enjoy the smell for a few minutes. Then let it cool down. Then pour it and the beans & the scrapings back into the vodka bottle. Write the date on it so you remember it. Put it someplace out of the way (I like the pantry). Then once day or so, for a month or so, shake the bottle.

After a month or so it’s ready to be rebottled into smaller containers (also available on Amazon). Include some of the beans in the new bottles. 

Tada! You’ve just made a huge supply of vanilla for considerably less money!

Theoretically if you give a bottle of this as a gift, you should include a fresh bean & they can keep recreating the vanilla indefinitely by adding vodka to the bottle at intervals.

We go through way too much vanilla for that. I think for it to work you would need to let the bottle sit for a week or so before using it after refilling & at most we go 3 days before needing to add vanilla to something.

That 1.75 litre of vodka had given us about an 18 month supply of vanilla assuming we kept it all.

Do you read the Pintester’s blog?She recently began the Pintester Movement & I knew my vanilla would make a good post for it so I badgered DH into getting me a huge bottle of vodka right away.  Go check it out & read some of the other interesting pins people are trying out.

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5 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • I would never have thought of making vanilla, brilliant! I love the bottles, makes me want to go to the Container Store or Freunds :)

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  • How cool! I had no idea you could do that. Thanks for participating!

  • I love homemade vanilla! My mom made some for all the bakers in the family for Christmas and I’m going to be so sad when I run out.

  • Neat! I didn’t know you could make vanilla either; I just know you can get some great cheap extract in Mexico lol. Maybe I’ll try this out!