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Our back atrium.

Before we put the clear roofing over it the drains would clog with dead leaves & rain would back up and if there was enough of it it would flood the back bedrooms. After the last such flooding we had to replace the carpet in both rooms with wood flooring & and we put the clear roofing over the atrium itself.

But now we have a new issue. By covering the area we have apparently created the perfect wasp habitat. We can’t open either sliding glass door to allow for a cross breeze because there multiple wasp nests around the door frames & the screens don’t fit so well that they keep the wasps out of the house.

We’d started using the area as storage for things that don’t need to be 100% sheltered from the weather but as you can see, lack of upkeep due to the wasp issue has made the place a dump.

And as you can also see we have a vine/weed/honeysuckle overgrowth issue because the conditions are perfect and the fear of wasps keeps us from weeding.

We need to get rid of the wasps, then clear the atrium out & weed, then power wash the whole thing, then get new screens for the doors.

Then we have to come up with some way to keep the wasps from reinfesting the place.

Which is why we’ve let it go for so long. The wasps are only just now really becoming an issue for the season. Now is a good time to spray & clean & weed. But then what? How do we keep them from coming back?

Any ideas for keeping wasps away?

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