Summer Plans

We are in the final stretch of the school year.

We have 3.5-4 weeks left.

I’m not sure just how many days are left because of all the snow days & because we had so many ‘banked’ days to offset them (we go to school 15 minutes or so longer than other schools in the area so we get more ‘saved’ days toward bad weather). I’m sure sooner or later they will tell us when the actual last day is

Or maybe they want it to be a surprise.

I’m starting to make plans for the summer.

First, I am scouring Craigslist for a new pool.


Ours is so out of whack from being blown over in a hurricane and has developed a bunch of small holes, most of which I have found & sealed but it’s still leaking & now I can’t find where. They are all pretty much in the same square 6 inches of space. But no doubt this final one is on the other side of the pool, just to mess with me.

Second, I have decided that the boys only get 2 hours of screen time a day – that’s Wii, computer, DS & tv combined so they’ll need to plan these things.

To save arguing about how long they have been online I am setting up the parental controls on their laptop to only allow logins at certain times of day & for certain amounts of time. They’ll each have their own user ID & password so they can’t argue about someone logging in as them.

Third, we will be reading the Lemony Snickett Series of Unfortunate Events series together for a non specified number of minutes a day.  Usually I opt for having each boy doing one of those Summer Bridge activity books to keep their school skills a bit current. But this year I got my hands on some used homeschool curriculum & I’m going to mix in bits & pieces of that with reading the series.  Plus there will be our weekly library visit.

Fourth, they will be able to earn extra screen time by being outside or reading – half as much screen time as activity time & you can’t use it for 24 hours, but you can save it up. So they can’t earn more screen time usable that day but if they read an hour a day Mon-Fri, they can earn & save up an additional 2.5 hours for the weekend.

I’m going to need to find a way to track time earned & used.

Fifth, we are signed up for some online classes at Big Picture Classes. 

The boys will be taking Kidding Around 4, which will give them a series of prompts and activities that have them put together a sort of art journal 5 days a week for all of July. I think Havoc will mostly enjoy it but Mayhem will moan, as he does, because he has to use his fingers to work the paint brush, pen, crayon, etc, but he needs to keep up with his fine motor skills use. 

I am signed up for the Phone Photography Project, which is also through July & challenges, plus lots of tips & tricks & apps to help improve your phone pics. DH & I just upgraded our phones at long last so I have a new phone to work with!  Plus our old phones still work as cameras & can connect to the web for apps like Instagram & Flickr, if there is wifi for the connection, so I am hoping to get Havoc, if not he & Mayhem both involved in this class as well

Sixth, we are planning some excursions we’d like to have happen, barring financial emergencies like last year or DH’s job suddenly needing him in Connecticut for weeks like the year before last. We want to go to an amusement park, either King’s Dominion or Busch Gardens. DH wants to take them to another major league game. I’m thinking of taking them museum visiting in either Richmond or DC, depending on train ticket prices & what the sequester does to the Smithsonian operating hours this summer. We’re thinking of trying some geocaching on weekends. We’d also like to hit up a water park or two if I can find some reasonably priced less than hour away.

So no water parks probably, unless I am in the mood to drive.

Some people might go camping.

Not me. But others think it could be fun.

Seventh, I am getting a tattoo. The one I was thinking of getting for my 40th birthday but didn’t, and then was thinking again of getting for my 45th birthday but didn’t. I figure your 46th birthday only comes around once so you might as well make it special.  I’m going to get a tree on the inside of my wrist.  I’m still sorting out the design but I’ve a decent idea of the general look -

Eighth, we will be Vadering and working on Rinda’s  summer photo list.

Ninth, the local bowling alley has Kids Bowl Free days Tue-Fri all summer long, just pay for the shoe rental, and the skating rink will have discount open skate from 2-4 on Wednesdays, as well as their Sat 2-4 time.  Not sure how much either will happen but I expect it depends on what their friends are doing.  They are almost, but not quite, old enough to spend the summer texting friends & making plans. I’m already saving up the cost of adding a ‘non-smart’ phone to the cell plan in a year, as I suspect next summer will be the one when Havoc having a phone might come in very handy

Tenth, it appears there is data stuff for me to do this summer. There is a random task that a former employee used to do once a quarter, going through all the customers’ logged equipment & checking it’s status to make sure they still have it, or if it’s been returned to inventory & new stuff replaced in the system. I can do all the data part of it from home.  I can’t go through the actual equipment matching serial numbers (and if people are doing their jobs, there shouldn’t be much equipment to match), but I can make a list for someone else to look (like maybe the people who ought to have done it in the first place), or I can drop the kids at the skating rink and spend 2 hours on random Wednesdays do it.  But it ought to pretty much take me about 12-15 hours a week, over 6-7 weeks, to get through it all and summer vacation is only 10 weeks long. So yay for only being underemployed instead of unemployed over the summer!

And then football practice will begin in early August and that will be that for any other plans.

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7 comments to Summer Plans

  • Loved reading this. It makes me want to do something similar. Clicked on vadering – that’s hilarious.

  • I sometimes get jealous reading about summer plans at this time of year, then I remembered that it won’t be long until summer here, and meanwhile there’s an awesome winter to enjoy! Hope it all works out like you hope, especially the travel!

  • That’s some seriously good thinking ahead. It sounds like a great mix of stuff.

  • Sounds like a good mixture of things to do – underemployed is much better than unemployed too.

  • wow, that is quite a list. We have just finished summer and are now heading to deep dark cold winter. We have no plans apart from snuggling down and resurfacing in 3 months time when it is warmer, although I do wish I ahd summer off to spend some quality fun time with my boys too
    PS just found you through Rinda’s blog and have become your new follower, look forward to reading more from you. Nice to meet you x