My Precious Mug

The first of every Sunday Sian at From High in the Sky hosts Storytelling Sunday. This year’s theme is “My Precious”.


That black & steel travel mug is my very favorite travel mug. I’ve had it since about 1995, when I moved to this area and suddenly had a much longer (physically) commute than I was used to & a job that didn’t provide a coffee pot for employees (there were too many people to make that financially feasible).

It is a 20oz, wide bottom mug that would never fit in any cup holder of any car I have ever owned (and I have had 3 of my own and 3 of DH’s since 1993). But the wide bottom made it balance perfectly on the console between the front seats.

I once slid off into a ditch on an icy road and never spilled a drop of my coffee.

Within a year or so of my getting it it had lost it’s top flap that kept the two drink spouts covered so coffee didn’t stay as hot for as long as it was supposed to (18 hours!) but that was ok because with that top flap the coffee remained too hot to drink for a while after I got to work. Without it the coffee was perfect to drink shortly after I sat at my desk.

It didn’t see much use from 2003-til this January. Just on long trips with the family or hour long drives to the town south of us for shopping. But it has been in regular use since I returned to work.

And then Wednesday I lost it.

I kept it on the console by my seat for the trip to work but on the trip home I would hang it by the handle from the basket behind my passenger seat. (it’s a mini van and I keep the seat behind the driver folded down. Havoc sits behind the passenger seat & Mayhem on the driver side in the 3rd row. With the one seat folded down we have a bunch of space to move around & the boys can’t touch each other. I keep a small basket right behind my seat to hold assorted small stuff). I think, when I was loading the groceries into the van I must have bumped the basket & knocked the mug off & onto the ground. I would have though I would have heard it hit or seen it, but I was preoccupied because DH was driving & had pulled up in the wrong direction so I was actually in the driving lane loading the van rather right in front of the store.

I have a memory of bringing the mug into the house.

I think.

I might have a subconscious memory of thinking something was slightly off, something to do with my mug. So maybe I didn’t.

But I have looked all over this house & the mug is not here. And it isn’t in the car.

So I have lost my precious mug that I had owned for 18 years.

Thermos doesn’t make mugs like that any more. So it is pretty much irreplaceable.

I ended up getting this one, because I have to bring my own coffee to work. I drink decaf and the rest of the office doesn’t & there is only one coffee pot & no way to boil water for a French press.

2013-05-03 10.54.21

If you are wondering why someone who drinks decaf needs coffee in the morning, one word – habit. I’m cranky without my coffee & it’s nothing to do with needing caffeine to face the day. It’s everything to do with drinking coffee every morning since 1989. Giving up caffeine in 2010 for my insomnia was easy. Giving up coffee was impossible.

I like this container ok. The lack of handle is actually handy because I’m not obligated to hold it in a certain hand to get the mouth holes to line up. And the fact that it isn’t missing any parts means it actually keeps the coffee as hot as it is supposed to. This is useful because I leave the house at 7:10a & go to the gym & get to work at 9. I would pour coffee out of my mug & into a coffee mug & microwave it when I got to work because it would be only slightly warmer than lukewarm by then.

But I scalded my tongue Friday because I had forgotten how hot coffee can remain if properly kept.

But I still wish I could find my old mug.

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9 comments to My Precious Mug

  • Cindy

    So sorry for your loss. And it even looked a little like a Dalek. :(

    Glad your coffee has a new home though.

  • I hope you find it. Every morning I lift our two breakfast mugs out of the dishwasher and wonder how I’d feel if anything happened to them. Our bridesmaid gave them to us for our birthdays just before we got married and we have used them every morning since then..that’ll be 25 years soon enough.

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, I’m sorry you lost your favorite mug! You’ll feel like something is missing for a while but, hopefully, you come to love your new thermos.

  • Ouch on the scalded tongue – hope that you find your old mug, and get used to the new one too.

  • Jen Hart

    I am just a newbie to hot drinks and have purchased a thermal from a famous coffee company and I adore it so I can understand your pain :( I hope you and your new mug work things out, it sounds as if you are on your way :)

  • Ouch! I am always on the hunt for the perfect travel mug. . . and have yet to find it. Although the one I got from Team in Training is pretty darned good.

  • Alison

    Sorry about your mug…maybe you’ll come across it when you’re not looking for it!
    Alison xx

  • The thing I hate about loosing something is that I am forever looking for it! I mean all the time! I look here and there and go back over the journey I took before I lost it and Oh! is it aggravating. I do find though that as soon as you buy a new one the old one does usually turn up.
    Good luck with the new one.

  • I am sorry you lost your mug. I have been looking for a good thermos mug for a long time and haven’t seen one I like. I saw your first picture and the first thing I thought was “that’s the mug for me!”. At least your coffee is hot again.