Monday Meander

We’ve had an interesting few days.

Wednesday was a baseball game & we ended up tying.

Saturday was another game & we won, so so far we have a 7-2-2 record.

I think we win the league for ‘most tie games’

I also found my missing travel mug

2013-05-15 17.01.23

It’s been in my car all this time. It was on the passenger side, tucked between the seat and the console between the front seats. Tucked in just enough that I couldn’t see it from the driver’s side or the passenger side, and I have sat in the passenger side at least 3 times between losing the mug and finding it again. It wasn’t until we got to the baseball field and I got out of the car and looked in that area for a ball that I saw it.

But now that I have become reacquainted with the lasting heat of the new travel thermos I think I will keep this one for trips where I am drinking the coffee not ones involving keeping the coffee hot for a couple hours, like I need with my job.

Mayhem is getting better with the shoe tying. He is successful at making a knot about 80% of the time, though about half of those are too loose to stay tied.

Still, it’s progress.

We’ve also been playing more dominos with friends

2013-05-18 21.30.57

Sunday DH & I went to Lowes armed with measurements

2013-05-19 10.38.01

This is the depth of the hallway nook where the washer & dryer are. I want some cabinets built above them, like I saw in a different Lowes a month ago.

2013-03-29 11.16.20

There is no reason my laundry nook can’t look like this.

Except there is.

As you can see from above the nook is 37.5” deep.

But cabinets are 12” or at best 16.5”, which is no where near deep enough.

We have a 12” deep shelf over the washer & dryer but I can’t reach anything on it without a step ladder because I can’t reach over the machines & back that far.

Cabinets up flush with the washer & dryer would work so much better!

But DH would have to build some sort of custom support structure to hold it up near the front & it would leave me with at least of 20” of unused space behind as a dust & spider area, which doesn’t work for me. So we’d need custom built cabinets.

So that’s not going to happen any time in 2013

This week I made a frittata & bought a roast chicken & we had chicken & dumplings one night & triangle sandwiches, plus leftover frittata or roast chicken one night.

It was a very poultry centric week for meals. Plus we had fish once.

And I made that 10 egg pound cake again. Using a metal pan & remembering to adjust the temp resulted in a much better pound cake. This cake will be making monthly appearance. Next time with raspberries instead of chocolate chips.

How was your week? Any interesting developments?

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3 comments to Monday Meander

  • I think you just need to inscribe the words “custom built” over the entry to your house and into every project within.
    I saw a recipe for baked eggs in avocados and thought of you.

  • “poultry centric” – love that!

    I’m glad you found your mug.

  • Glad you found your mug and I hear you on the ‘custom built’ not happening anytime soon… Frustrating stuff when a plan needs to be rethought.