April in Numbers

I was busy this month.  Busier than I thought actually, considering all the time off I had to take.  This month I:

  • made 4 layouts
  • read 12 new books
  • bought 20 ancient paperbacks in a lot off ebay for $12
  • listened to 3 audiobooks
  • kept 171 of the photos I had taken (at the moment, probably I’m going to delete some of them when I get around to editing again)
  • wrote 11 blog posts
  • planned 28 meals
  • actually made or purchased 21 of them (3 were planned fast food)
  • had to take 8 days off of work, – 7 for scheduled absences and 1 for sudden illness
  • went to the gym 22 times, working out 70 minutes each time on average, spending 30-50 minutes of it on cardio & 20-40 on strength training
  • bought 1 new kitchen table


The boys had 5 baseball games & now have a 2-2-1 record.

DH finally got a new work laptop (his was so old it ran Win XP & now he’s jumped to Win 8) & he took the boys and 2 of their friends to 1 professional baseball game & spent $180 on tickets, parking & food.


Today both boys are off on two different school field trips, one leaving at 6:30am and the other at 8. One will be back at 3 and the other at 5:30 and then they both head off to baseball practice.

My back & neck are killing me and I am going to start this month off with a massage, if I can get an appointment this week with a lady that works in the same building I do.

How was your April

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