Wordy Wednesday

She has the whole bed available


And I mean all of it.

There is nothing on the bed.

And there are nice cushy pillows available.

But she chooses to lay right there.



Because my purse is there.

A whole bed & comfy pillows to choose from and she decides the lumpy thing filled with hard objects is where she needs to sleep.


Because it’s the same color as she is.

She has an affinity for things that are grey. Our late old lady cat Nefer had an affinity for things that were black.


Although she did make exceptions


Once, about 12 years ago, we decided to give all the cats a flea bath. We shut all the doors in the house and cornered Pandora & Buddah easily enough & bathed them with about as much fuss as you’d expect to have bathing a cat. But we couldn’t find Nefer anywhere. We looked under every piece of furniture in the house, searching each closed off room & the open living room We were standing in the kitchen looking around wondering if she somehow got out when suddenly the microwave blinked


She’d cleverly hidden herself by sitting motionless in front of our black microwave.

I think the striped cat is jealous


He can’t hide on anything. That patch of white will always give him away, even if he ever finds something to blend with the rest of his fur.

So he just lays on everything.

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2 comments to Wordy Wednesday

  • What an interesting observation! I know my cat loves to lay on my stuff, but I never noticed it was a camouflage think. Although I did hear an interesting report recently on NPR about birds choosing to lay their eggs on sand which best provides cover.

  • Our cats definitely choose what will cause the most interaction with humans – Little Miss (when she was allowed in our bedroom where the office is) used to lie between the rings of the binders I was working from.

    You’d have to interact with her to pick up your purse and it is yours so therefore more valuable. Wookie’s backpack is covered with fur from the cats snuggling up to it. :)