New seating

My kitchen is not technically an eat in kitchen.

Oh you can squeeze a table in the one corner if you are determined to do so, but it really is a squeeze.

Technically we have a combined living/dining room. But I hate that set up unless it’s also open to the kitchen, which ours is not due to the 2ft wide cinderblock wall holding up the roof.

So we squeeze in the kitchen and use the space in the living room for computer desks.

When it was just DH & I it wasn’t too bad. We had inherited DH’s kitchen table from his mom. It is a configurable drop leaf table that can seat anywhere from 2 to 12 depending on how you arrange the leaves and the inserts.

We set it up with the leaves dropped when it was just us & left it that way when Havoc eventually joined us at the table in Feb 03. You can just see the table behind him here.


It seats 2 and a kid in a high chair just fine.

But then we added another one and needed something new, so we bought this dining nook.


It worked fine with both boys in high chairs on the one side & DH & I on the benches


But they they outgrew chairs with trays and needed a place at the table & that table is not large enough for 4 people’s plates & drinks really.

So we swapped that table for the drop leaf one I’d been using as a craft table in the junk room & configured it for 4, set the boys on benches and DH & I used the chairs.


But it was crowded.

It’s right up against the bakers rack that holds all our plates & mugs & coffee stuff & plastic containers in decorative bins (We really lack cupboard space) and it’s reached a point where Mayhem has to be the first person to sit down or he has to climb over people and then he is pretty much trapped in his seat.

This is not necessarily a bad thing but realistically it was time to start considering a new table option, especially since there is still no room for bowls of food on the table while we are all eating. Someone (me) has to get up and get people seconds if they want them. The table itself is too wide to set up as a rectangle with just chairs

So I have been looking for options & found one on sale last weekend.

New table


Those are the chairs we inherited with the old table. Their actually matching was just dumb luck.

Obviously Havoc, in the corner, is trapped in this configuration but actually DH sits at the end of the table when we eat, it’s just easier to tuck the chair in on the side.

Finding a table of correct dimensions was almost as challenging as finding a fridge.

The old dining nook & table are now on the porch thingy so during cookouts the adults can sit in screened in shade while the kids run around & swim.

The old table is back in the junk room for use as a craft table.

Assuming DH ever gets all his random electronic parts off of it.

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