Monday Menus


So that was the two week menu as planned last week, sort of.

I’m please to say I did make 5 items on the list, everything crossed out plus the frittata & the pork chops & we had fast food twice & leftovers once

That leaves me with 4 meals on the list plus chicken & shrimp stir fry & grilled steak & veggies assuming the weather cooperates on the weekend. Plus fast food before Tuesday’s game unless I get my act together to make triangle sandwiches. This is unlikely as I have to make bread dough or buy crescent roll, and I really can’t see either happening.

The boys won their game Saturday 18-1.

I’ve been reading Gervase Fen & Sir John Appleby mysteries lately. I love “Golden Age” British mysteries & found a large lot of the Appleby’s on ebay recently, with some Fen thrown in so I am back reading actual paperbacks for the first time in ages. Paperbacks printed in the late 70s & early 80s at that. I’m afraid of breaking them.

I was supposed to have a whole week of work this week but DH is taking the boys to a Nationals game Wednesday & since they won’t all fit in his Miata, he has to take the minivan.  I can’t drive his Miata so guess who has the day off?  Fortunately my current project can be done from home (though much more slowly as the database doesn’t like working over the internet) so I will at least get some hours in.

I guess I probably ought to learn to drive the Miata, but I think I am still suffering from PTSD from my previous experiences with a stick shift & I get all anxious at the thought.

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