Menu planning

I haven’t done a whole month’s worth this time around.

Last week I planned 6 meals and made 5 of them. I made a frittata, shrimp scampi, noodle casserole, rib eye with cream sauce, chicken velvet soup and one night we had sandwiches & one night was leftovers.

This week I am making fish & pan roasted broccoli (the 6th meal from last week), mac & cheese, skirt steak with roasted cauliflower, pork chops with cranberry applesauce, tacos and chicken & rice soup.

Plus I am going to make some chocolate pudding with nilla wafers, unless I can come up with some higher egg content dessert.

Things with high egg content are starting to become a necessity as we are getting 6 eggs a day on average & currently have 5 dozen of them in the fridge. Once it’s warm enough to start having cookouts with friends nearly every weekend we’ll make more of a dent in them hard boiling a dozen at a time to make deviled eggs, but until then it’s pudding, frittatas, scrambled eggs & any other egg based dish I can come up with.

We have baseball practice tonight & then the first game is Saturday. From there every Tues & Sat until the end of May is a baseball game. Now that I know that I can meal plan accordingly. We never had more than a couple days notice on practice so planning was an issue but I know where & what time every single game is & can tell now which ones lend themselves to eating at home & which we’re better off getting something by the park.

We are scheduled to have a whole entire 5 days of school this week! And the weather is supposed to be in the low 80s! So no snow!

You know what that means don’t you?


Or mudslides.

Or another earthquake

I just can’t believe they can actually have a whole week of school.

But next week they have Monday off so they might actually manage this week after all.

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2 comments to Menu planning

  • I ran six miles today in the noontime heat and now I am starving! So, everything on your list sounds good to me!

  • I’m sure you know you can freeze eggs (separated) but we use eggs in custard, meringue, cornbread and other quick breads, oh and cake or baked puddings. In fact baked sponge puddings with custard would make a good dent in your stash ;)