Menu Monday


That is the week’s menu.

It needs more eggs. Only the hash has eggs. There are currently 7 dozen in the fridge. Havoc, DH & I are eating hard boiled ones as a snack or in our lunch almost daily.

You’ll notice I am now planning for fast food nights. Tuesday’s game is nearby so we can have tacos or soup but Sunday’s is in another county so we’ll be away around supper time.

The boys have today off. It’s parent-teacher conference day!


There are NO MORE planned days off from now until Memorial day at the end of May!. That is 5 whole weeks of school! 5 whole weeks I can work!

Which is good because my phone has pretty much given up on being a phone. Oh sometimes it dials just fine but most of the time it just locks up & I have to take the battery out to reboot the phone. It stutters playing audio & half the time apps won’t load. I’m eligible for an upgrade next month & I’m thinking it might be a good idea to start setting some money aside. I saw a Galaxy S3 for $40 with upgrade.

How is your week starting out? If you have a S3 phone what do you think of it?

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3 comments to Menu Monday

  • I want to have more sweet potatoes in our diet. We generally plan two fast food nights – pizza Tuesday and burrito Thursday. Plus, lately, there tends to be at least one weekend night when Paul and I actually go out to a restaurant because the kids are off doing there own thing!

  • I do like a good hash! Yes, I’m thinking of egg dishes here too – I sent TTO to the shops for eggs for omelettes and he came back with two dozen..

  • That’s a lot of eggs! I’ve got a good recipe for Yaki Soba which involves stir frying chicken and veg, add noodles and soy sauce then break an egg per person into the wok and stir like crazy. Delicious!