March in Numbers

24 meals planned

15 meals made (I was doing really well until this last week, when I made exactly 1 planned meal, but 4 meals overall)

14 new books read


5 book reviews written

4 layouts created (It’s an either/or thing. Either I do layouts, or I read)

11 blog posts written

140 photos taken & kept

An unknown number taken & deleted

23 out of 30 30 days of lists completed


3 snowstorms!



5 days of school missed

Plus 2 pre-scheduled days also missed

Making for 7 out of 21 available school days missed, or one THIRD of the month!

37 eggs found in 2 different hidden nests (and all this time we just thought egg production was down due to the weather, actually several of them had just found other places to lay, like the patio chairs covered & stored in the shed)


6 games of scrabble played (2 game nights with friends)


3 games of words with friends played (Do you play? email me & we’ll have a game)

1 annual check in appointment with Dr Sleep who says I am doing fine but should maybe go to be a little earlier if I am going to be getting up at 6:20a.  Lack of sleep can cause insomnia.

No movies, plays, musicals, concerts or other entertainment seen but many episodes of World’s Dumbest and Castle reruns watched.


Month in numbers is a meme started by Julie Kirk at Notes on Paper

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