I made a cake!


It’s a chocolate chip pound cake.

The only criteria I had when choosing a pound cake recipe was the number of eggs used. 

It had to be high.

3 or 4 eggs was not going to cut it.

The whole reason I wanted to make a cake was to use a lot of eggs & I had heard that pound cakes were high in eggs.

This one used 10! 8 whole eggs and 2 egg yolks!


Unfortunately it came with tricky baking instructions and I screwed them up.

Which is why the cake came out both over cooked and undercooked.

Which I would not really have thought possible.

See, the instructions said to preheat the oven to 350 and then once the cake was in you were supposed to turn it down to 325.

Only I forgot that part and baked the whole thing at 350 for 90 minutes.

I think the silicone bundt pan had something to do with it as well. Those silicone pads work ok for cookies but my silicone muffin pans & cupcake holders & this bundt pan are nothing but trouble. Nothing bakes evenly in them.

I want to get a regular bundt pan & try again at the right temperature.

I also need a springform pan.

I found a recipe for a chocolate mousse cake that needs one.

It needs 8 whole eggs and 5 egg whites!

We are getting 3.5 dozen eggs a week. I sell some to friends but I cannot seem to get ahead of them. I have 8 dozen eggs in my fridge now & it seems like I always have at least 5.

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5 comments to I made a cake!

  • Helena C

    wow that’s a lot of eggs. In New Zealand the goto for using up eggs is pavlova with the whites and lemon curd with the yolks

  • Looking good! I’d buy some if I could..I need some right now to make a birthday cake. Plus, we’re off to the dentist and for some reason it has become tradition to eat scrambled eggs for lunch when we come home..

    ..people are going to start telling you egg stories now, aren’t they?

  • 3.5 dozen a week? I’m getting 3 dozen a DAY! I was selling to the local CSA – but then their chickens came into lay – and now they can’t use mine… Luckily eggs freeze really well for those moult/cold/dark months… (I’m selling a dozen here and there, and donating lots and lots to our local church. Paying it forward.)

  • I love fresh eggs – wish you were closer. We love deviled eggs. You also need to start adding some egg based dishes to your menu planning, maybe? Like quiche and egg boats.

  • I like pound cake – angel cakes too of course use lots of egg whites and they often go together. But I too also found the silicone cake tins didn’t work well :( Love my metal ones.

    Home made lemon curd is lovely and cans/bottles well for gifts too :)