Renewed Peace

There have been many conflicts in our house over the years, but mostly the dinos have reigned supreme ever since they took over the trains & race cars back in 2007.


They have encountered a few issues since then with the clones. But it’s mostly been a wary respect, with attacks on the bounty hunters when they think no one is looking.


The bounty hunters are so outnumbered by the dinos & know there is no hope of getting help from the clones so they mostly just avoid the dinos now.

But the Legos have been a persistent issue for the dinos, starting with their arrival in late 2008, when they attempted to kidnap the dino babies.


It ended badly for the Legos


From that point there were constant skirmishes until peace was brokered in June 2011.

But as with many situations dealing with sworn enemies it was a fragile peace at best.

There were renewed hostilities off and on throughout 2012.


But during the recent snowquester all the togetherness finally pushed everyone over the edge and the boys brokered a new peace


I’m hoping that the more specific nature of this treaty results in a more lasting peace because I am getting tired of finding Lego parts all over the place after the dinos have stomped them to bits.

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