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The snowquester hit Wed morning. Heavy wet, rainy snow that was so heavy & wet it never piled up more than 7 inches despite falling for hours.  It took out branches & downed trees all over the place.

This was on the road into town & directly affected our power


2013-03-06 16.46.38

We lost power at 10am and it was out until nearly 8p.  Around 1 I had the vapors from extreme internet withdrawal and had to lay down for a few hours in the chilly bedroom.  The males clustered around the kerosene heater in the kitchen and played 20 questions in the dimness.

We went out to supper an hour away because that was the closest place there was power.

Half the county & a third of the neighboring county still down have power as of 11pm last night.

One of the places is the site of my broadband tower.

They say some poor sod is going to shlep a generator up there today. The road is impassible still due to snow, not even the bucket truck can get up there, so they have the carry it up by hand.

Then some poor sod will the schlep cans of gas up there regularly to keep it running until power is restored

It could be Sunday before the power company reaches it.

Ah the joys of living away from it all.

Do yourselves a favor. Stay near it if you can.

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5 comments to Quick note

  • Wow…I’m trying to think of something suitably cheering to say..but i think I would have been having a lie down too

  • Mel

    Oh, dear! Very sorry to hear of your trials and tribulations – even when I’m not finding much time to blog or comment I’d really miss my connection… Hope yours is properly restored soon x

  • Oh ugh – that is one thing I remember from living way out in the middle of nowhere… and one of the reasons I now live almost in the middle of a city. Hoping that you get power back soon. :(

  • No fun at all and loved the use of the word “vapors”. i feel really bad for the guy that has to do all the schlepping, hope they compensate him well.

  • Yuk – hope the weather treats you more kindly soon and that the power is back for everyone soon!