My Newest Precious

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This is my fridge


It came with the house when we bought it in 1997. It was relatively new back then. But it was bought by people who were about to sell their house, so it was the cheapest thing they could get away with buying.

Same goes for the stove.


The fridge has been slowly falling apart for several years now. First the restraining bar on the bottom door shelf broke & had to be put back on with duct tape. Then the plastic track the fruit bin was on broke off. So it just sat there on the bottom of the fridge, not sliding & scraping up the bottom whenever you pulled it out or pushed it back. Then the veggie side snapped as well. A few months ago cracks began appearing on the inside of the fridge. Not effecting the overall temperature of the fridge but not helping the energy use at all.

There is nothing wrong per se with the stove. I just hate the stove. Have hated it for years. The burners cannot be leveled, so all the liquid pools to one side, they have a large unheated center spot so when you cook you have to be careful not to put food in the center of the pan because it never gets as hot as the rest of the pan.

Or at least as much of the pan as fits on the burner. Two of my pans are significantly bigger than the biggest burner.

So I have been waging a small, quiet campaign for years about a new fridge & stove. I’d look at prices & features online every so often and just sort of toss them out there to DH and the universe at large. Not in an insistent “must by now’ kind of way but in an ‘oh, look, hmm, maybe someday’ sort of way.

I want a smooth stop stove with at least one 12 inch burner or a 9/12 adjustable one. That’s it. That’s the must have. I like the idea of a warming area & a rapid boil burner too but they are not necessary. I’d love a double oven, but we can’t afford a double oven.

The stove was not that big of a deal. There are plenty of stoves out there that meet my needs & are reasonably priced (assuming we save the money), but the fridge was a bigger need & bigger a problem in a several ways.

First if I am getting a new fridge I want a fridge I am going to be happy with, not just the bottom of the line direct replacement fridge. I wanted to step up a bit. I wanted it to have French doors and a bottom freezer. Right there you have jumped up a pricing level. I did not want the on door water & ice feature. We are on a well & our water is fine right out of the tap & I didn’t want to lose storage space in the fridge to it. I didn’t want an inside water feature either. You let all the cold air out waiting for your glass to fill. This eliminates about half the fridges. It had to be 31-33 inches wide. Most French door fridges are 35-36 inches wide, but short of moving a wall, that won’t work.  And it had to be white.  I don’t like the stainless look in general and it really does not work with our kitchen.

So now I am down to a choice of approximately 15 out of about 175 fridges. But they were similar in price so I knew how much I needed to save & I began saving.

And then I went back to work, making the saving money easier.

And we got our tax refund.

And suddenly a fridge was in our grasp!

But we had to act fast, because the universe proved last year that it really doesn’t like us having spare money laying around. The universe will create expensive situations to eliminate any savings.

So we had to buy a fridge before any teeth were broken or major auto repairs were suddenly needed.

Then there was a sale at Sears!

It’s like the universe decided to make us spend spare money on a fridge, without the sudden traumatic demise of the existing fridge in a power surge that also damaged the drywall.

And so the Friday before last we bought a fridge! It was to be delivered the following Wednesday!

That Saturday DH & I were in the kitchen talking about the fridge when he wondered if the new one was the same height as the old one. We only have about a quarter inch clearance between the old fridge & the cabinets.

We’d assumed the same width would be the same height.

Wouldn’t it?

No it would not!

The new fridge is nearly 2 inches taller! 67.25 inches as opposed to 65.65.


So we had to rebuild the bottom of the cabinet.


I’ve heard there are people who go out & buy new appliances & just slide them right in where the old appliances were.

I wonder what that’s like.

Wednesday the delivery guys show up and immediately doubt the new fridge will fit where the old fridge is.


Too wide.

Yes, too wide. Despite my buying a 32.75” wide fridge, they claim it’s actually 33” & then go measure it to prove it.

And they are right!

But it turns out the old fridge is the same width!

It can’t slide back as far as the old fridge because you do actually need a bit more clearance than I have in order to open the doors. They are thicker than old fridge. But it does fit.

Ta da!


and look at the roomy interior!


I have been wanting this fridge for so very very long!


The sale at Sears was so good & we had earned so many Sears dollars from the purchase of the fridge, we were able to buy a bonus appliance!


New stove!!!!


It has the 9/12” adjustable burner, a rapid boil burner and a warming burner!

My big pans fit on it! 

I had to make chicken fried steak that very night just to experience the joy of edge to edge heating & perfectly even cooking!

If we move in the next 15 years, these appliances are coming with us.

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24 comments to My Newest Precious

  • Amy

    Wooohoooo! I am so pleased to see your new appliances – they look so shiny and bright – enjoy using them!

  • Hooray! I hope you and the new appliances will be very happy together and I look forward to hearing many tales about them in the years ahead!!

  • Ladkyis

    oh excellent! that’s the fridge I want – eventually. I also want an oven I don’t have to bend over to see in and an eye-level grill ~sigh~ it’s good to dream and you have proved that dreams can come true!

  • What an excellent reminder that a “precious” can be anything at all! I’m delighted that your heart’s desire has come your way this week..the Monday menu planning will be done with a smile on your face for a while now, I guess

  • Jen Hart

    Aww brilliant I am glad that the universe has allowed you such a daily pleasure, long may you enjoy it.

  • I loved this piece. Just a little over a year ago, I got a new fridge and a new stove. My stove was from the 1950’s and still had a live pilot! I TOTALLY understand your excitement, and I’ll bet a year from now, you’ll still be as excited about the new appliances as I am about mine!

  • sheena x

    I’m so pleased everything came together & you were able to get the new appliances you wanted x They certainly are very precious x many thanks for sharingxxx

  • What a great story that proves you Can have what you want even if you do have to wait a while for it. I laughed out loud when I read your last sentence. Indeed, they would have to move with you! Enjoy using your new appliances.

  • Elizabeth

    I thoroughly enjoyed your story about the refrigerator and stove. My fridge is on its last leg and I’m just hoping it lasts a few more months. When I buy something like that, I always figure if something can go wrong–it will!

  • Oh my! What a rollercoaster of a tale!! Will it fit? Won’t it fit? Will something happen to blow the budget? I was quite on the edge of my seat!! But I’m so glad it had a happy ending!! TFS! :D

  • Hi,
    Yeah, you prevailed! Here’s to your new appliances!! We get so many options to choose from today, it’s crazy!
    Cheers from France

  • Jen

    Oh I am so pleased you have your newest “preciouses” – Is that a word I ask myself? Here’s to many years of pleasure in your kitchen with your new items. Loved your story – thank you for sharing. J x

  • Oh what lovely preciouses you have – the excitement of both a new fridge and stove, hope you enjoy walking into the kitchen to look at them for ages. :)

  • Oh man… I’m so jealous. YAY for new appliances!! I want to get a new fridge/stove but now I’m thinking maybe… I’ll just hold out. Because MAYBE we’ll sell our house and get a different one. We’re toying with the idea. It’s still two years out, at least. *sigh*

  • Oh Stacey, I am so jealous! Your new appliances are gorgeous, and it is so wonderful that you could get them both. He knows the desire of our heart, for sure. Enjoy your new loves!!

  • S

    Oh I’m happy you have two new and needed precious items – just because they are necessary doesn’t mean we can’t really appreciate them. Our family has a tradition of always buying appliances at Sears – and I can remember measuring 3 times when we replaced our fridge last year. Thanks for sharing a story I am sure many of us can relate to.

  • lol Funny how we can get so happy about appliances :) I wanted a huge fridge when we loved into this house. The Chosen One had to cut the side countertop to get it in and it’s still very tight, same thing happened with the stove but that was because we switched from a drop in to a stand alone. I bet you get more of those meals cooked as well ;)

  • Its great that the universe was kind to you for a change. Maybe this is the year that it gives u a break ;-)

  • Alison

    I hope you and your new preciouses will be very happy…and am glad to hear it didn’t take some form of disaster to enable you to have them!
    Alison xx

  • Yeah on the new appliances!!!!! When we moved in December our fridge was too tall for the space. We had to take out the overhead cupboards to fit in it. We thought to measure the width but not the height :-(

  • Woohoo!!! You deserve some domestic joy, and it rings through in your post today! We have huge problems with finding a dishwasher to fit into our space. We actually took out the hard wood slats underneath and filed down the under-lip of the counter to make it slide in!
    The fridge was also a bit of a challenge but made it work.

  • YAY – good old universe! And good old hubby who can adjust cupboards to allow taller fridges to fit!

  • Jo

    I wondered where this post was going when I first started reading! I am so pleased for you, enjoy your new appliances x

  • Gail

    Yeah!! So happy for you, I keep saying we really need to replace ours before we absolutely have to. Glad everything worked out for you.