and it looks like this in my yard again


I’m starting to think that Mondays are just snow days. This is the 3rd out of 4 in March where school has been cancelled due to snow.

And it is still coming down, so right now the odds are there will be no school tomorrow. There will be no school Friday because that is the start of spring break, so no school next week at all.

Maybe there will be a whole week of school the following week.

Or maybe it will continue to snow into mid-April.

It’s enough to throw me off my menu.


I made 3 things, the steak, the turkey & sage rolls and the shrimp penne positano. The steak was just a steak with some homemade tapenade. I made the rolls with egg roll wrappers rather than the phyllo dough the recipe calls for. I’ve made the phyllo version, but it’s a lot of work.  The egg roll wrappers were not a success though so I’ll be going back to the phyllo.  The shrimp dish was ok. Next time I’ll use less cream. It had 14ozs of tomato sauce paired with 8ozs of cream.  The resulting sauce just tasted of watery cream for the most part. I think I’ll do 4ozs of cream next time.

The rest of the week we had Arby’s, McD’s, spaghetti & pancakes. The was party due to baseball. They moved the practice date & threw me off & then suddenly added another one, which threw me off again.

And there was snow. I’ve decided that if the boys get a snow day then so do I and I don’t cook or clean or anything.

This week is starting off with snow and an email saying the next practice will be either Tues or Wed. When they decide which I will make the triangle sandwiches for that day. The chicken & rice soup is a crock pot dish & will get made at some point because I suspect there will be a second practice this week & this can go in a thermos with us to practice for DH, who either meets us there or gets home just in time to take the boys.

As for the rest… who knows. Probably pork loin on the weekend & fish one night, no doubt the London broil will get made as well.

Then Sunday I get to plan a new month of meals.

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2 comments to Monday

  • Oh, I agree you should get snow days as well. I always tend to cook a lot on snow days though, guess it’s a nesting thing lol

  • Kids sports have wreaked havoc with our dinners for years. We basically now just always expect to have pizza on Tuesday and burritos on Thursday.