Monday Menu Recap


Last week I made 5 out 6 meals!

Monday morning I was overcome by what the middle ages called “a gripping of the guts” & was in no mood to cook so DH brought home fast food. Tuesday he had to work late so the boys and I got food from the general store. The rest of the week I made shrimp scampi, chicken cacciatore, broccoli-cheddar soup, turkey cutlets with ravioli & bacon spinach scramble. I didn’t make the beef stew.

The cacciatore & scramble were new recipes. Both were good. I like that unlike the coq au vin & other stew dishes it was a stovetop meal, which means it’s good all year long.

The only problem with the scramble is that Mayhem doesn’t like bacon & the bacon is mixed in so he had to pick out each piece. But I did make the pieces large enough it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was a recipe from Rachel Ray. I’ve long suspected that Rachel is getting some serious kick backs from the olive oil industry because she has a couple tablespoons in every recipe. This scramble confirmed it for me.  She has you cut up 5 strips of thick bacon, heat up a skillet, add a tablespoon of olive oil and then cook the bacon pieces.

Because you know bacon needs oil to keep from sticking to the pan.

Who cooks bacon in oil????

Then she has you drain off most of the oil & grease, which just proves it is superfluous.

This week the menu is:

Triangle sandwiches & raw carrots

Pork chops with mustard sauce (DH is cooking) w/corn pudding

Steak with 2 tapenades & roasted cauliflower

Shrimp penne positano & spinach salad

Chicken & rice soup

Turkey & sage rolls w/cranberry sauce

It’s snowing as I type this on Sunday night. The forecast is for it to snow/sleet over night with accumulation of 1-3 inches, then snow/sleet tomorrow morning, then turn to rain, then back to snow/sleet for up to a total of 4 inches accumulation.

The boys are supposed to have a full week of school this week. Their 4th since Jan 2nd.

But we can’t have that now can we?

They should have had 7 whole weeks of school so far with random shorter ones due to a Friday or Monday scheduled off. But the weather intervened for 4 of those weeks.

Last week they had Friday off as scheduled. Then they are supposed to have a whole week this week, then the following week they have Friday off as the start of spring break, the whole following week is spring break. Then a whole week of school. Then a Monday off, then at last 5 solid weeks of school! The longest scheduled period of education since September.

Unless it snows in late April and at this point I’d believe anything.

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  • Doesn’t like bacon? He’d be very popular in this house where extras are fought over.

    Oh…. If you could give me a link to that recipe I’d be grateful – I have a Parmesan rind sitting in the fridge and was wondering what to use it for.