Monday Menu Recap


5 meals were made! Not necessarily the 5 planned for this week but 5 planned meals nonetheless!

Monday was noodle casserole, Tuesday was zucchini frittata, Wed was the snowquester & 9 hour power outage so we ended up at Outback because it was the first thing that was open that didn’t have an hour wait (It was 45 minutes away & by the time we got seated 10 minutes after arrival it was a 30 minute wait & by the time we had appetizers it was 1 hour & 15 minutes). Thursday I was still sort of rattled by the lack of internet & having the kids at home with no internet so DH brought home pizza. Friday was potage Crecy, Saturday was pretzel crusted chicken & Sunday we had the steak with biscuits scheduled for this week, moving the beef stew to this week.

So this week is shrimp scampi, chicken cacciatore, beef stew, broccoli cheese soup, bacon & spinach scramble & turkey cutlets, assuming I can find some; they have been proving a challenge.

In other news my optical mouse died so I had to buy another one. Got the same make & model as the old one but this one is squeaky. It needs a good oiling.  Only the left button, the one that gets constant use. The right button is not squeaky. Nor is the wheel. But every time I click on ANYTHING I get this plastic on plastic squeak. It is incredibly annoying. But I keep asking myself “Is it $22 annoying?” That’s how much it cost & it would be to replace it as I no longer have a receipt or packaging. So I suppose the question is “Is it $44 annoying?”

And it’s not.

Not yet anyway. But I make no promises.

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3 comments to Monday Menu Recap

  • That pretzel crusted chicken sounds good..I think that would be popular round here.

  • Did you know that you can reverse the buttons on the mouse? So the left becomes right etc. You would have to retrain your brain as to what you were doing but you wouldn’t have the squeak!
    (Only learnt this last week when I had to prepare a keyboard for a left handed person being interviewed at work!)

  • Lack of power and internet can indeed be unsettling – glad it is back