Monday Menu Planning

I’m not going to plan 7 meals a week for awhile.

Given that I only made 12 out of 28 meals last month, planning a meal for every single day of the month seems a bit overambitious on my part. And leads to feelings of failure.

Not to mention at some point this month baseball practice will start and ruin any plans I have made until I get into the swing of it.

I did manage 5 meals last week so that is something


Friday we did take out and Sunday, by special request I made the Homemade Pizza I was planning to make this coming week, swapping it for either the crunchy fish or the Monte Cristo sandwich.

This month I am planning 6 meals for 3 weeks, plus a few extra for the 4th week in case they are needed.

Week 1

Pretzel crusted chicken breasts with pan roasted broccoli, both with cheese sauce

Noodle Casserole with spinach salad

Potage Crecy with rye bread

Zucchini & potato frittata

Beef Stew with carrots & parsnips

Homemade pizza (swapped with the fish or sandwich)

Week 2

Shrimp scampi with noodles & spinach salad

Chicken cacciatore, side to be determined

Broccoli cheese soup with rustic bread

Steak with cheesy biscuits and leftover soup

Bacon spinach scramble

Turkey/chicken cutlets with ravioli and carrots

Week 3

Triangle sandwiches & raw veggies

Pork chops with mustard sauce & roasted cauliflower

Steak with 2 tapenades & corn pudding

Shrimp penne positano & spinach salad

Chicken & rice soup

Turkey & sage rolls with cranberry sauce

Week 4

Garlic pork loin

Gnocci with ragu

Chicken velvet soup

and whatever else that doesn’t get made

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3 comments to Monday Menu Planning

  • Sounds like a great plan :) I haven’t made Monte Cristos in years but am doing WW so now probably isn’t the time lol

  • Isn’t it so typical that you just start to get into the swing of one routine when something changes and you start all over again? Glad you’re changing things to make it more likely to work for you :)

  • Yea for baseball!
    And this sounds like a good way to approach your menus. We finally had the beef and broccolli last night that I thought we’d have on Saturday.