It’s different

This working out of the home thing.

I’ve had a hard time getting used to it. I suspect mostly because every time I turn around there is a snow day and I can’t work or scheduled off day and I can’t work. Or someone is sick and I can’t work.

I think I have managed maybe 2 whole weeks of work since I started 10 weeks ago.

Every other week has had at least one day off.

How do people with ‘regular’ jobs do this?  I get away with it because this is a small company run by an old boss & I am sort of along the lines of a bonus employee. If I am there I help things go more smoothly, more calls get answered & lots of neglected data stuff gets done. But if I am not there everything still works, calls still get answered & none of the data stuff is time sensitive. I’m hourly with no benefits. I’m the only one who really ‘suffers’ by my missing a day

So my regular & persistent absenteeism has not cost me my job.

Which it totally would have anywhere else.

I have no doubts about this.  I have it good & I know it.

But I still find it all unsettling.

For 10 years I did what I wanted, when I wanted, (or when it fit in around naptime, lunch & snack). If I felt like sleeping in I could pop in a Land Before Time movie and go back to bed for 90 minutes and later just go back to bed after the kids caught the bus.  I cooked, I cleaned, I scrapped, I shopped, I paid bills, I wasted time on the internet.

It was fun, if a little lonely.

I missed lunch the most.  Going out to lunch with co-workers & having random conversations was the highlight of my work day and I missed it terribly as a stay at home mom.

I’m glad to have lunch again, to get a paycheck, to have work to do. I missed the busy-ness of a job.

But I miss the free time now.

I thought I would have adjusted by now. I thought I would have had a routine for cleaning & scrapping when I am home established or at least begun by now. But I have nothing.

Everyday I come home at 3:30 with a half hour before the boys arrive and wonder what I ought to be doing – prepping dinner? mopping floors? reading blogs? doing laundry? cleaning the bathrooms? scrapping or editing photos?

I had a routine. I like routines. I need them if I am going to function.

I adapted to having a newborn quickly.

I adapted to having a newborn and a 15 month old fairly easily, even with the gall bladder attacks

But I just can’t seem to get into the groove of this new constantly changing arrangement.

I haven’t been posting or commenting much lately & I apologize.

Sooner or later I will sort this all out.  Right?

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5 comments to It’s different

  • Yes, you will. And we will be here when you do! I haven’t been around reading and commenting much lately either. I think there’s a rhythm to everything. Right now on my blog I’m trying to make sure I always do look up/look down on Weds and some sort of update post on Monday. Toss in a few other things, and I feel like I’m able to do that.

  • Yes, it will settle into a new familiar routine and then something will change and you’ll have to do it again. Having worked from home for most of my professional life and planning on continuing it when we move/leave next year I empathise. Hope you find a way to get everything fitted in – and still leave time for hanging out and wasting time on the ‘net too.

  • I can totally relate to the lunch thing! I have been helping afrined out in her craft shop lately and she makes me a lunch..nobody ever makes me a lunch and I can’t tell her how much I appreciate it. A great, honest post

  • That should be ” a friend” of course. My typing sucks..

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