Monday Menu Recap


This was the revised week 3 menu plan

Week 3 redo

Pot roast w/carrots & parsnips

Sweet pea soup

Chicken, shrimp & broccoli stir fry

Pork chops with golden applesauce

Bacon & sweet potato hash

Buffalo chicken mac & cheese w/spinach salad

So… I only made 2 meals from week 2 and hoped for improvement with week 3.

And there was not! I only made 2 meals!

I made the pot roast &the stir fry.  Monday the kids had off school & DH worked late so we had take & bake pizza, Tuesday was bunco & I already knew I wasn’t going to cook. The males had canned soup. Wednesday I had to make chicken fried steak for reasons that will be made clear later in the week. Then we had pot roast on Thursday. Friday I was not feeling very good so the males had random stuff. Saturday was the stir fry & Sunday we went out with some friends with the kids to a roller rink & ate there.

Its sort of depressing to recap that. But I did actually cook 3 times so I suppose that is an improvement over last week.

This week there are no days off, no plans to work late & I am going to assume we are going to eat somewhere other than here or have people over & will probably be off menu (though the mac & cheese is a decent option for that). But I am still planning 7 meals, just in case.

Week 4

Bacon & sweet potato hash

Buffalo chicken mac & cheese w/spinach salad

Sweet pea soup, (possibly combined with):

Monte Cristo sandwiches (possibly with salad)

Rib eye w/whiskey cream sauce & broccoli bites

Crunchy fish

Pork chops with golden applesauce

The useful thing is I have everything I need except the turkey for the sandwiches, which I have to get the day I make them.

And nothing takes longer than 30 minutes to prepare, though the mac & cheese does take longer to bake.

Goal this week: make 4 of these meals!

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2 comments to Monday Menu Recap

  • Good luck on your goals. Do you start dinner in the evening? I find it easiest to start dinner prep as I’m cleaning up from breakfast or even the night before. Then knowing I’ve started gives me some impetuses to continue…

  • I love the optimism you display in this project! Ha!
    I also love the idea of sweet potato bacon hash.