Monday Menu Recap

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Last week I was supposed to make

Week 2

Crunchy fish w/mixed frozen veggies

Chicken & rice soup (slow cooker)

Pot Roast

Pork chops w/golden applesauce

Shrimp penne positano w/endive salad

Monte Cristo sandwiches w/salad

Herb & garlic tagliata w/roasted beets

But this time I reached a new low! I only made 2 of the dishes! I made the chicken & rice soup Wednesday and the herb & garlic tagliata Sunday.  I made the previous week’s skipped salmon & lentils on Monday. Tuesday was Pancake Tuesday so we had them, Thursday was Valentine’s Day & DH brought home pizza, Friday we went out for supper & Saturday we went over to some friends’ house.

This week I am supposed to make:

Week 3

Chicken w/mushroom sauce (slow cooker)

Garlic pork roast w/carrot, turnip & parsnips

Chicken, shrimp & broccoli stir fry

Beef & cider pot (yet another carryover)

Rib eye & cream sauce w/potato & spinach salad

Baked potato soup w/endive salad

Buffalo chicken mac & cheese w spinach salad

But I already know that Tuesday I won’t be cooking because it’s bunco night for me & DH is taking the boys to McD’s to sign up for baseball & will get supper there. Wednesday is somewhat doubtful & depends on scheduling; I need something I can reheat easily; so I did a little rearranging.

Week 3 redo

Pot roast w/carrots & parsnips

Sweet pea soup

Chicken, shrimp & broccoli stir fry

Pork chops with golden applesauce

Bacon & sweet potato hash

Buffalo chicken mac & cheese w/spinach salad

Next week’s menu will depend on what doesn’t get made this week, but so far I have sage pork tenderloin, crunchy fish, shrimp penne, monte cristo snadwiches, chicken w/mushroom sauce, beef & cider pot, rib eye, & baked potato soup to choose from.

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2 comments to Monday Menu Recap

  • Do you think you will get a week where you make none of the planned items? I know I would eventually!
    LOL at the baseball sign ups being at McD’s. Ours were typically at Round Table pizza. . . but the effect was the same.

  • I made crockpot chicken tacos tonight and they have rocked my world. I ate 5. Matt started eating it out of the crockpot like the class act family we are.