Monday Menu Recap


Week 1

Chicken Fried Steak w/carrots & potatoes

Salmon w/lentils & spinach (I’m really going to make it this time I swear)

Chicken & Dumplings w/salad

Sage Pork Tenderloin w/cran apple relish

Sweet Pea Soup w/parmesan toast

London Broil w/cheesy quinoa broccoli bites

Stuffed Chicken (another long term carryover) w/roasted cauliflower

4 items made from the list!

That’s sort of becoming a theme here.

What happened was Monday we had the chicken fried steak & Tuesday we had the stuffed chicken, then Wed we had leftovers and random stuff for reasons that escape me now…possibly DH was going to be late coming home… Thursday we had the London broil & broccoli bites. Friday was going to be the chicken & dumplings.

Originally it was going to be the pea soup but I needed to buy peas and it snowed overnight so school was cancelled & the roads were slick so DH took my mini van leaving me home with a car I can only drive in case of dire emergency, assuming I don’t have to stop on an uphill. 

Lack of peas was not a dire emergency & anyway I would have to stop on an uphill & then abruptly pull out into 60MPH traffic.

Not worth it for peas.

So then I planned for chicken & dumplings. But before I got it started some friends suggested we take the kids to the skate rink for the 2 hour kids skate, drop them off & then all go out to eat. Roads were clear & they’d pick us up so we went.

Saturday we were invited over to some friends’ house for supper.

Sunday I finally made the chicken & dumplings.

That means that ONCE AGAIN I did not make the salmon, making this the 4th week in a row the salmon was not made.

But it is being made tonight!  I bought it special just for tonight!

I’m not sure how the rest of the week will shape up though.

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