The Junk Room

The time has come to clean out the office. Junk room. Whatever.

If I am going to have any hope of working from home when the boys are home I need space with a door in which to work. Plus it might be nice to be able to use my sewing machine again.

I cleaned it thoroughly last about 4 years ago, when I purged the bookshelves. I took some to the library, threw others away & kept several boxes because someone said they wanted them or I had listed them on Amazon hoping to make some money. Most of those books are still with me. Along with 5 old laptops, a broken monitor, a server missing cables, cables that don’t go to anything else, giant power supplies & broken industrial strength surge protectors, mother boards, hard drives, video cards and an ancient scanner plus a working monitor & a jerry rigged randomly pieced together desktop DH has been trying to get to run some racing game for two years.

Not to mention more books, yarn, boxes of random stuff, school papers, & who knows what else that has been tossed in that room & ignored.


Before photos.

There is so much stuff in there that I have been putting off dealing with it for more than a year. I just couldn’t envision where to start, plus DH needs to deal with all the damn electronics and I wasn’t up for relisting all the books I want to get rid of.

Then DH said something liberating “Just toss them. They are mass market paperbacks. There is nothing sacred or holy about them. We aren’t tossing a Shakespeare first folio or the Dead Sea Scrolls, just paperback scifi novels from 1993. Even the newest stuff you’d be tossing is a decade old.”

And he’s right.

I’m not going to spend money on boxes to stuff full of books to give to the library so they can sell them for 10 cents each. Especially since our library is already overly blessed with donated books no one wants to buy & I cannot imagine my books are any different. If I feel guilty about it I’ll donate $50 which is more than they would probably make selling my stuff.

Instead I am going to load up garbage bins with books & take them to the dump, along with the broken electronics & whatever bags of trash I gather.

Sunday I gathered two huge bags of trash, which is most of the straight forward stuff – old papers, things that are clearly broken, odds & ends of cheap yarn.


Sort of after, in one corner.

I’ll go through the drawers of things after I get rid of all the trash & clear off some space on the bookshelves.

One step at a time.

I am going to list on Craigslist some of the yarn I no longer want, if no one claims it in a week, I’m throwing it out. Same with the original Nintendo 64.

I want this stuff gone & I am not waiting too long to get rid of it.

DH went through the electronics which include 3 ancient Dells he got from various sources to use for parts to make one working one for the boys, my old compaq from 2009 & my old beloved ASUS gamer machine, which died at the start of Nov 2011 with a fried motherboard or something. It wouldn’t start, it had overheated too many times due to inadequate cooling & they were sure it wasn’t worth fixing.



My beloved ASUS, up and running Sunday afternoon.

The motherboard was not fried. Nothing was fried. The fan wasn’t working, but it was clogged with dust.  DH cleaned it & fixed it. He ended up having to do a complete system restore from disk to get it to boot but it works!  Will it continue to work? That’s anyone’s guess but it stayed up and running for 6 hours Sunday as a test.

No clue why. I’ve tried at random to boot the thing off & on for more than a year & it never started. The last time was about 4 months ago. I have no idea why a broken fan might keep it from booting but that seems to be what was going on.

I want it back if it is working. I miss it. I’ve never stopped grieving it’s untimely death.  It was replaced with a cheaper, smaller, less graphically capable refurb model because that’s all we could afford. It’s a good laptop. But the older ASUS is a better one.

DH is going keep it for now as a test. It will play his game just fine & if it remains working then we’ll swap once we have enough to buy a new Windows 7 program for it (it’s Vista). He can have my HP, which will also play his game with no issues & I’ll get my ASUS back.

I’m hoping to have enough stuff sorted to do a dump run on my lunch break Wednesday.  I’d like to have a clean, functional space by the end of the month so DH can start playing his game in peace & I can finally get some sewing done.

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9 comments to The Junk Room

  • Rinda

    This is inspiring – I need to pull the trigger on jettisoning some books. And take a trip to the e-waste recycling place. Plus, find someone tohelp me recover the photos off my semi-dead computers.

  • First up, I’m jealous you have a room that can even be a junk room. I wish I had an extra room. Even a basement…. I would take a basement.

    But I’m starting to feel the spring cleaning itch already and I’m already setting stuff aside for yard sale. This year our yard sale money is what’s going to get us into DisneyWorld. I hope.

    • Stacey

      You have a laundry room. I have a corner of a hallway with a washer & dryer in it. I have no idea why the builders didn’t make the office a laundry room. Probably because they were stoned

  • I’m totally jealous of your motivation. I tossed a bunch of chick lit books a while back and it was in a why liberating. I was glad to be rid of the clutter and I’m sure no one wanted dusty books that had been laying around for a few years.

  • YAY – you made a start! And what a start too. Good news on the ASUS too. I wasn’t surprised about the fan being vital though – Hubby regularly tackles the playing up/failed IT hardware of friends & family and one PC only needed an internal dust before working perfectly again and another needed coils of hair (!) removing from the fan spindle to stop it overheating!

    • Stacey

      It’s overheated again so he’s going to take the fan apart & see if it is something like that hair causing problems.

  • We have an official “Bookcrossing Zone” near us and we donate our books there. The books are always changing and getting picked up by someone. It is free and all you have to do is drop them off. Of course if you want you can add a code to the inside, drop the book in an unlikely place and then see where it goes, but I don’t have the time for that. If you decide you don’t want to dump them check out and see if there is an official zone near you. I am often amazed at the books that get picked up from our zone! It must really be true … one persons trash is another persons treasure.

    Good luck with your room, it will be worth it in the end :-)

  • Mel

    Good for you with the decluttering – it is liberating to let go of stuff :) And I hope that ASUS continues to behave itself! x

  • Yeah for fixing things you thought were broke and having cleared space.

    Your dh is right, my uncle sells second hand sci-fi for anything from 25c to a buck per book. Although my first thought was ‘wonder what was in those mass paperback piles….’ I don’t need anymore either.

    I realized the other day I ought to just donate all the ‘ex-homeschooling ought to be sold off to raise money’ books and get rid of them. That would clear one small bookshelf just about. We’ve also got 14 old macbooks for dh to wipe and then sell/donate/whatever… all in piles or in the loft or ….

    The idea of having space to do things in sounds good to me!