Scrapbook Saturday

Seven more Journal Your Christmas layouts! Done over the past two weeks.


and a 2 page spread


That leaves me with just 3 prompts to go!  I have a plan for two of them but the next year one has me stumped for now. Pretty much the only photo I took over the holiday season that I haven’t used is this one


It’s the new shower head from the shower in my folks’ spare bathroom. I really like it!  I took the photo to remind myself that someday this year a similar shower head will be mine (after we buy a fridge). What I really want is to rip out the 23 year old chipped tub & shower surround & replace it with a big tiled shower & put built in shelving in the rest of the space (because the only way a new tub surround or even just a tub is getting into that space would be to knock a wall out as neither will fit through the doorway) but a new shower head is much cheaper (even leaving out the cost of rebuilding a wall).   

I do foresee a layout about it eventually but while it is ‘next year’. It’s not really very holiday.

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5 comments to Scrapbook Saturday

  • Fab pages – I always have to remind myself that these are digi pages – they are VERY good examples of how digi scrapping can be!
    I love the alphas you have used in the Travel page – I have Sizzlit die-cuts for them and they are my most used set I reckon.
    Well done on being so near the end of the project – I especially love that Elvin had a whole double spread to himself. Perhaps you could ask H&M what their aspirations are for “next year” and focus on them if your inspiration is all used up?

  • These are all great – I love their structure and how they feel a little nontraditional for Christmas yet still perfectly capture the holiday.
    For my next year post, I just jotted a few things about what worked and what didnt’ – for example, did you prepare well for your trip to your mom’s? would you do anything different with Elvin? etc.
    I found it really helpful the next year.

  • I’m with Jemma – I think you make wonderful digital pages!

  • I really like the listing of 2012 on the page and congratulations on getting so many done. Getting all four 365 theme projects is fun. Especially glad with the clones/dinos now they aren’t being played with as much – wish I’d taken such photos when my world was interspersed with such things.

    Do like your digital pages too :)

  • Great layouts – I especially like the Scrabble tiles on the Play layout.