Pics or it didn’t happen!

So I suppose this didn’t happen because I didn’t think to take a photo at the time.

While we were down in Florida with my folks I did some cooking, which is always an interesting experience in my parents’ kitchen. Mostly because of their eating habits.

No lie, in college, I was the only person I knew who took food HOME WITH her.

My parents were always on some sort of diet when I was in my teens & 20s (Cabbage soup anyone?) and now as empty nesters they pretty much grill some meat & heat up some frozen veggies or go out to dinner.

So I have never assumed there was garlic in the house. Or sugar. Or flour or onions or carrots. Let alone any particular spices.

Not that there are not spices. There are. It’s just some of them moved down to Florida with them when they left Wheeling for good in 2008.

And some of those had moved from the house I grew up in when they moved out in the mid 1990s.

I cleaned out their spice rack while I was there, over my mom’s protests that some of them might still be good.

The oldest thing? Paprika from April1996.


I think we can safely say it wasn’t still good.

That tops the oldest item in my kitchen ever by an entire decade!

I am never again apologizing to my mother in one of my “oldest things in my kitchen” posts. Where else could I have learned it?

In the interest of providing a photo for this post I took one of my own jar of paprika


Only to discover


Yep, 10 months past due.

I wish there was some place around here that sold bulk spices because half a tablespoon of paprika would last me all summer, whereas this jar is nearly full & I’ve had it going on 2 years.


It’s not 16.5 years past due.

So it’s probably still good.

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3 comments to Pics or it didn’t happen!

  • Lol!

    When I go to visit my Mum I have to cook because she isn’t able to anymore and I find cooking in someone else’s kitchen stupidly stressful. It’s the kitchen I grew up so it shouldn’t be that hard. But it is.

  • I’m surprised all the time when I find expired stuff after I KNOW that I cleaned it all out!

  • Don’t you love the time…. my parents and uncle once waited to have lunch until after the time on the can as it was going out today.

    As for your parents, ah – my Mom is still objecting to the spices that Princess threw out, some of the oldest stuff was older than 1997…. but it was alcohol and she wouldn’t let me throw it out, ‘It was my Dad’s” she reminded me, “That’s your great grandfather’s” I told Princess – so show some respect ;)

    You can keep spices in the freezer if you really want to keep ‘em fresh. Or remember that when they traveled by boat around the world to get to you they were years out and didn’t have a best before date :lol: