Monday Menu Recap

I think I may make this a regular weekly feature, to help me figure out what is & is not working with my menu planning


This was the plan for last week:

Broccoli-cheddar soup with rye bread

Beef & cider pot with spinach salad

Stuffed chicken breast with roasted beets

Turkey & sage rolls with roasted cauliflower

Steak & Guinness pie (weekend as it takes forever to make)

Braised pork loin with skillet carrots & parsnips

Hot turkey sandwiches with cranberry salsa & leftover carrot soup

I thought I’d have better luck this week as I had everything I needed except the roast turkey breast for the sandwiches & I could pick that up at the grocery store on my way home whichever night I was going to make it.

Then the stomach bug came.

Monday I made the turkey & sage rolls, which involve using phyllo dough to make two long logs stuffed with ground turkey, swiss cheese, sage & spinach. I wasted a lot of phyllo. Next time I will use wonton or egg roll wrappers and make six individual rolls. I served this with raw carrots rather than the cauliflower because I had thought, like most of Rachel Ray’s meals, this was cooked on the stove, but it was cooked in the oven & therefore I couldn’t roast any cauliflower.

Monday night Havoc came down with the bug & then Tuesday morning it hit DH as well (I think it was a result of them all sharing a plate of cheese nachos on Saturday when Mayhem was probably contagious. I don’t like nachos so I was spared). This left just Mayhem & I eating supper & he wanted some taquitos & I wasn’t really hungry.

Wednesday I finally got to go to work, but I hadn’t worked out the nacho dissemination theory yet and just assumed I was next to get the bug & probably it would hit that evening. Rather than fall ill in mid food prep, or re-infect the recovering by preparing something, I made spaghetti with jarred sauce for them, along with a spinach salad & I had ginger toast on the theory it might ease the coming stomach upset.

But there wasn’t any.

Thursday I made broccoli cheese soup.  I’d thought I might be ambitious and make bread bowls to serve the soup in but I forgot to set the balls to rise on cornmeal so when I went to slide them into the oven they stuck and became elongated & misshapen.

Still good to eat with the soup but not workable as bowls.

Friday was the braised pork loin with pan roasted carrots & parsnips. Those veggies were so good, so sweet!  The pork was a little dry & the gravy a little watery but that’s my fault for forgetting the cream & using 1% milk. I also mis-timed the meal & keeping it warm while waiting for DH to get home probably make the pork dry.

Saturday I was going to make steak & Guinness pie but it’s a lot of work. While it is worth every bit of it, it works better for me as a two day event. Make the filling one day & bake the pie the next. So it became Sunday’s supper & DH picked up sandwiches from the general store Saturday.

So I didn’t make the hot turkey sandwiches, the stuffed chicken breasts or the beef & cider pot. But it’s no great loss, they along with the dratted fish from the previous week and whatever meal I fail to make this week (and I’m sure there will be one), will make up the meals for next week along with tacos, triangle sandwiches & if necessary beef & barley soup or maybe lasagna depending on what I fail to make.

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3 comments to Monday Menu Recap

  • A menu review sounds like it would be useful too. So glad that you didn’t share the nachos or the bug. Hope everyone else is recovered now. We’ve got salmon and couscous tonight – as long as our two guests like Salmon… otherwise we’re swapping to something else :)

  • I would feel so much more like a menu planning failure if your week of meals went perfectly lol Glad all of you are back on track!

  • I have never roasted cauliflower … it sounds very yummy though. We eat cauliflower every other conceivable way :-) I like using a menu, it keeps me focused and saves on the shopping.