Monday Menu Recap

This was the menu plan for last week

week 3 – the following week

Butternut Squash soup with sourdough bread

Grilled skirt steak with blue cheese biscuits and leftover broccoli soup

Salmon with lentils & spinach

Pork chops with risotto & carrots

Chicken & dumplings

Turkey cutlets with cranberry salsa

Homemade mac & cheese and spinach salad

Impressive, no?

And it would have been had I come at all close to sticking with it.

But I didn’t.

Sunday night the stomach bug finally caught up with me, probably as a result of a 4am clean up of our bedroom carpet after Havoc came in and threw up on it.

We’ve since explained to him that the first thing you do when you wake up feeling sick is to GO INTO THE BATHROOM and be sick and THEN come tell us about it. Not the other way around.

So Monday DH brought food home for everyone who felt like it would stay in their stomachs.

Tuesday I made mac & cheese.

Wednesday I made the grilled skirt steak & biscuits.

It snowed nearly a WHOLE INCH over night so naturally school was closed on Thursday.  DH’s new Miata is not really a snowy road sort of car & he’s lent his truck to a co-worker whose vehicle is in the shop so he had to take my mini van to work while I did some work from home.

I’d forgotten that I had intended to pick up leeks & broth on my way home from work to make the butternut squash soup and didn’t realize my error until 5pm, when it was too late to thaw anything else and I’d made the only other thing on the menu that didn’t require thawing. I was also out of taco shells and ground beef was the only thing that would thaw in time to eat supper before 7pm.

So Thursday DH brought food home AGAIN.

As punishment for my reliance on take out the universe saw to it I broke a tooth on my fried fish. I have no idea how it happened and I won’t know until later today if I am looking at the mother of all fillings ($300) or a crown ($1000) or gods above a root canal AND a crown (I can’t even guess the $$. Probably 2-3 mortgage payments.)

All I can say is thoughts of tooth repair do not sit at all well alongside visions of a new fridge.

For reasons that have never been fully explained, school was cancelled AGAIN on Friday despite the lack of snow. Icy roads were cited but a 2 hour delay would have solved that issue. I know because I was on the road at 9am, which is when the bus would have been starting out and I live on one of those ‘untreated back roads’ everyone natters on about.

It was fine.

DH took the Miata to work so I took the boys in to the gym & then we got stuff for the soup so we had the butternut soup for supper Friday.

Saturday I had planned to have chicken & dumplings, forgetting that it was Mayhem’s birthday.

He wanted pizza and you get to choose supper on your birthday. Plus we were having people over for a small party & I don’t know about where you live but around here serving chicken & dumplings at a kid’s birthday party wins you the Most Peculiar Mom of the Year award.

Sunday DH made the pork chops because I was over the whole meal planning & trying to cook it thing.

And he’s better at pork chops than I am.

This means that Salmon with lentils & spinach,Chicken & dumplings & Turkey cutlets with cranberry salsa get carried over to this week along with the fish from week one and the beef & cider pot, stuffed chicken & hot turkey sandwiches from week 2. I’ll probably swap out one of those turkey dishes for tacos & make triangle sandwiches or lasagna for the 7th meal.

Assuming I manage to make any of them at all.

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2 comments to Monday Menu Recap

  • Wow, what a week! I hope the news is good about the tooth. Breaking a tooth is sad; but breaking it on something soft is uber depressing!

  • Hope the tooth is cheaper than the new fridge…

    Skirt steak isn’t a British cut so it makes my British family giggle when they see it – along with cube steak whereupon they start informing me it’s more of a parrellogram…

    Hope you are recovered from the bug, Havoc one day learns which way around and you manage to get through more menu plans :)