Let’s review

I had ambitious plans for supper this past week. I did my very best to make sure I had everything I needed on hand. I checked my freezer & pantry for supplies, made up a grocery list for what we needed & hit the store on Monday. I was good to go.

Or so I thought.

This was the plan

Chicken fried steak & scalloped potatoes

Fish Meunier with couscous & carrots

Pretzel crusted chicken with pan roasted broccoli

Short rib ragu & gnocchi

Shrimp scampi & thin spaghetti with spinach salad

Bacon & sweet potato hash with spinach & eggs

Carrot soup, miso flavored with quinoa bread

The chicken fried steak when off without a hitch except the scalloped potatoes, which had a cheese sauce did not taste cheese, they tasted herby and I hadn’t added any herbs.

The short rib ragu overflowed my Dutch oven as always and I’ve made an executive decision to get a larger one at Wal Mart with part of my next paycheck.

The pretzel crusted chicken & pan roasted broccoli was mostly very good. I made a cheese sauce for dipping both. The only problem was two of the chicken pieces were thicker than the rest and were undercooked. But a minute or so in the microwave solved that.

The shrimp scampi was fine.

The new to us hash went over great with DH & I but only so so for the boys. They don’t like their foods mixed together and are ambivalent at best about sweet potatoes.

The carrot soup was different. For once I made soup that wasn’t under salted thanks to the miso.  We’ll have it again this winter for sure.

That just leaves the fish. Oh that dratted fish. Monday I was going to make the fish but what with working & grocery shopping & putting groceries away & laundry, etc, I forgot to take the fish out of the fridge & for once the boys didn’t ask me at 4:30 what was for supper. I noticed the lack of thawed fish at 5:45.

So I thawed the shrimp under running water & we had the scampi.

Thursday I was going to try to make the fish again & when I got home for work I took the bag of individual swai filets out of the freezer.

There were only two filets & I needed five.

So we had take out pizza for supper that night & I’ve decided the universe just doesn’t want us to have fish until it’s on sale again.

Mayhem spent the weekend sick & I’m catching something.

Probably due to all the vegetables we had this week.

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7 comments to Let’s review

  • lol love your closing remark!!! Sounds like for the most part the meal planning was a good success :)

  • ohhh and I do hope you stay healthy!!!

  • My children try hard to blame things on the amount of veggies I make ‘em eat. I’m ruthless tho’ so ignore such comments.

    I defrost/cook from frozen some fish in the microwave or on low in a covered skillet. ’cause just occasionally we have similar problems with things not getting taken out of the freezer.

    Hope you all feel better soon.

  • oh and I’d love the recipe for pretzels and chicken… I’ve got a bag of pretzels to use up. ;)

    • Stacey

      You pound out a pound or so of chicken breasts so they are about a half an inch or so thick, then crush up a cup & a half of pretzels (I put them in a gallon zip bag & use a rolling pin), then add half a cup of breadcrumbs, a teaspoon of dried sage & dried mustard & an optional dash of garlic powder. Put it all in a shallow bowl & mix. Then in a another bowl you break 2 eggs, add a splash of milk & stir. Dip the chicken in the crumbs, then the egg & then the crumbs again & set on a baking tray. Once they have all been covered you bake at 375 for 15 or so minutes.

  • Mel

    I’m impressed by your menu planning – and, of course, by your versatility when the menu doesn’t go according to plan! I’m also impressed that you can cook one meal for all 4 of you. I’ve never really managed that. The best we can do is things like pizzas where each of us has a different topping…

  • How much do I love the fact that you have at least two recipes combining bacon and sweet potatoes????