Wordy Wednesday


Lots of Spam here today.

I had no idea there were so many varieties of it either.

The one I really don’t get is Lite Spam? Especially since Turkey Spam has less fat & calories than the Lite kind.

Sometimes, you just run across things in the grocery store and it gives you something to ponder for the rest of the day.

And think of Monty Python skits about Spam. 

Know what is sure to get you odd looks in the grocery store? Singing the Spam song to yourself in the canned good aisle.

♫ Spam spam spam spam spamity spam spam spam ♪

In other news I’ve finally had the whole house sitting thing settled. Thought I had it settled once before but apparently not…

But yesterday my new house sitters came by for instructions on retrieving eggs now that the hens have given up laying in the egg boxes for some reason, and instructions on how the security system works and most important of all – how to get an iPad to talk to the wifi. I don’t know why iPads don’t like our wifi but everyone who has one with them when they visit has the same problem.  We don’t have iPads so we’ve never looked into a long term solution.  Our house sitters are a couple adult kids of our neighbors. Apparently their house will be rather crowded with out of town relatives starting Friday so they are glad to be nearby and not having to deal with 9 people sharing 1 bathroom.

We’re having second thoughts about the one day drive but mostly that is because we really don’t want to get up at 4:30am. If we do it over 2 days we don’t have to leave until noon! But we’re going to do it anyway.

Just imagine the blog fodder it will give me!

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  • We love leaving at 4:30 in the morning! We’re half way to L.A. before people wake up and start poking each other. We make sure to pack a separate small bag with the clothes that people will change into whenever they wake up and warm the car up really well before we rouse the kids from their beds and pour them into the car (still in their pajamas). We take their fleece blankets and pillows with them, too. We do insist on a quick stop at the bathroom before getting in the car, but otherwise try to keep them as sleepy and comfy as possible. Also, we try to make sure they wear relatively warm pajamas to bed and have socks or slippers nearby.
    Hope this helps!