Scrapbook Saturday

I have been able to get some scrapping done while on vacation.  I’m still 8 days behind but I could be 15 days behind. Plus I have days 21-26 planned out, I just need to assemble them. So it’s not as bad as I feared it might be.


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3 comments to Scrapbook Saturday

  • Lovely – really like the clean lines to these with the bright colours. Well done on getting so many done (and having planned out the next set), my Christmas journaling just hasn’t happened much. But then I planned it as an ongoing album – so it will just be more ongoing than I hoped….

  • They are all fabulous and congrats on staying on top of things (if you have plans you are on top ;> ) I have done zero crafting because the studio looks like a tornado hit it from pre Christmas BEglorious production @@

  • Good job! I’m hoping to get some creative stuff done over the weekend.